Best Electric Mouse Trap: Does electronic rat trap work?

Despite their small size, mice are rodents that carry potential risks that you cannot overlook. They can destroy furniture, clothes, papers and many other things, even bringing germs to your home.

Nobody wants to share living space with such an animal. There are many ways to get rid of mice but using mouse traps is the most common method. In order for a mousetrap to succeed, you need to combine two factors: good traps and good bait. So we gathered the most needed information about the best bait to catch mice and the most popular mouse traps, especially the best electric mouse trap.
Here is a table comparing the types of traps you can refer to:

TypeElectric Mouse TrapLive Catch TrapSnap trapGlue trapMouse Posion
ProsFast death from high voltage, no blood and mess, catches dozens of mice per battery chargeHumaneEasy to useCheapKill a large number of rodents correctly without having to spend time choosing bait
ConsCan not use outdoors without any waterproof accessoriesMust take the trap away to release the mouseDoesn't killMouse will squeak and die painfullyNot humane, dangerous for pets and children
Use forMouse, RatAll kind of rodentsMouseMouseAll kind of rodents

Top 4 Best Electric Mouse Trap Review 2021

#1 Rat Zapper – Electronic Rodent Killer

This electronic trap from Abco Tech is the best trap to kill mice. With the 7000V electrical attack, rodents will be removed immediately once touching the trap.

The product is quite simple structure but extremely effective. It has an indicator light to indicate the status of the trap. A red light means you have captured the mouse, and a green light means you can take away the rodents. However, you should not touch the trap when the light is red, please wait patiently for it to work until it turns to a safe green.

With a reasonable price and great efficiency, this is an electric trap worth investing in, but you should be careful with the contact of pets and children.

#2 Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

This product is both a budget option and an option for cleanliness. With this product, the rodents will be easily defeated by electric current without a messy and gore death.

This electronic trap uses AA batteries, which can kill up to 100 mice per battery change. A stream of electricity from the device can knock down a mouse in seconds.

In addition, this device has a safety switch that allows you to top up without an electric shock. It is also designed to be pet and child friendly so you don’t need to worry about their safety.

It also has an indicator light so you can know when to trap the mouse and when to throw it away.

However, many people think that when the battery is low, the current emits less and less, so changing the battery will occur more often and continuously.

#3 Victor M1 Smart-Kill Wi-Fi Electronic Mouse Trap

Victor always knows how to satisfy customers with his mouse trap products. This Victor M1 electronic mouse will not disappoint you by its friendly design and Wi-Fi connection.

The device, powered by four AA batteries, provides an electric shock that kills rodents right away and can kill about 100 mice per set of batteries.

With a user-friendly and easy-to-use design, you can easily disassemble parts for cleaning and adjusting. Moreover, you do not need to witness the death of the mouse after being defeated.

The notification system connected to Wi-Fi will notify directly to your mobile device as soon as the mouse is caught. This feature is very special and also very handy but it comes with a significant cost.

#4 PestZilla Electronic Rodent Trap

If you are looking for a slightly larger mouse trap that can be easily cleaned and can also kill larger rodents, do not ignore this electronic trap of PestZilla.

This electronic trap, powered by AA batteries, delivers a critical electric shock of up to 7000V, defeating any rodent of any size in the blink of an eye.

Similar to Victor’s products, this device also has an indicator light system to help you know whether or not to catch rodents. It is also designed so you can easily throw rodents without having to touch them.

The device has an auxiliary adapter so you do not need to worry about the power turned off, it can work for a long time if the battery is fully charged.

Despite its large size, you can rest assured that it is not dangerous for pets and children if inserted hands or feet.

However, the weakness of this product is that you cannot use outdoors and must keep it completely dry.

What to put on a mousetrap for bait?

Any rodent has its own diet and preferences, so it’s important to know the basics so you can choose the right bait for the rodent you’re dealing with. If you want to successfully trap the mouse, one of the key factors is choosing your bait.

Here are the favorite foods of mice that you should use as bait for your trap.

#1 Peanut butter:

It can be said that peanut butter is the most common bait, can be used with all types of rodents. It’s good because its strong aroma and sweet taste are hard to resist. Because mice have a keen sense of smell, they can smell their favorite food even at a great distance.

Peanut butter is rated as the easiest type of bait you can find easily. Peanut butter is also a bait that mice can not steal. Spread a thin layer of peanut butter instead of a thick layer to make the trap work better. Although it is thin, it still smells strong enough to attract mice.

#2 Cheese:

It is not natural that in animated films often the image of a mouse trap with a piece of cheese on top. Yes, it is the favorite food of mice.

Cheese is a fermented dish and can be used for a long time even at room temperature. It also has an attractive aroma that can attract rodents. Remember that the stronger the cheese smells, the more attractive the mice will be. So make a small piece of cheese for your mousetrap.

#3 Bacon:

Preserved meats like bacon are good choices for rat bait. It has an extremely seductive scent and contains preservatives so it can survive for a long time.

Absolutely do not use cooked meats because it rotes very quickly. Once it does not keep its freshness, an unpleasant odor will appear, which certainly will not appeal to mice. A piece of fresh meat is more likely to attract a pet than a rodent.

#4 Sausage:

Sausage is not only a favorite food for many people, it is also an attractive bait for mice. Sausage has all the advantages of a preserved meats but its special feature is much more aromatic than bacon.

You can also enhance the flavor of sausages even further by cooking them. A thin slice of cooked sausage is enough to make mice voluntarily get into your trap. It can be said that no one can resist the attraction of sausage, including mice.

#5 Chocolate:

Chocolate may seem like an odd choice compared to popular bait like cheese and sausage, but it is a sweet lure with a charming scent.

Rodents often prefer sweet bait, so choosing chocolate as a bait is perfectly understandable. Chocolate is high in calories and extremely long shelf life, it can hold a quality scent for a long time so you don’t need to change bait frequently.

#6 Sugar cube:

Besides marshmallows and jams, sugar cubes are also the perfect bait to catch mice. This is also a trap that you can use for a long time without changing the bait daily. If you want it to be newer, you can brush the dust off or break it into small pieces. This will help the aroma of the sugar mass spread more strongly. However, you should not smash them so small as mice can steal their prey. This bait is suitable for use in the bait cup, those without the bait will make it easier for mice to steal bait.

#7 Seeds:

Seeds are one of the indispensable foods in the life of mice. Seeds have a very long shelf life, so you do not need to change it often.

It does not have a strong smell like cheese or typical smells like chocolate but the natural smell suits the simple eating needs of mice. Their favorite nuts are sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. These varieties have alluring fragrance and energy to keep the mice active during the day.

How to keep mice out of your home?

Nobody wants to share their living space with mice, so people start looking for ways to get rid of mice from the house, including using mouse traps. However, before using a mousetrap, be sure to check for any chances that mice can enter your home. Even if you live in an area with lots of rodents, this is essential if you want to get rid of mice.

#1. Check how mice can get in the house:

Do not be subjective that your house is completely impenetrable. Although mice are small in size, their destructive power is completely unimaginable. They are also very intelligent, so they can find ways to infiltrate your home.

They can crept through very small spaces or use sharp teeth to smash damp boards or drywall, creating a convenient path to your home. So check out all the places that might become mice ‘paths.

First, check for gaps in corners, poor quality and degraded areas in your home. Remember, mice only need about 1 inch distance to enter your home. Once they infiltrate inside, killing them will become more difficult because they can creep into every corner and nest in your home.

Don’t forget to check the attic and vents for no screens. This is an ideal place for rats to nest and live for a long time because it is very quiet, there are many good materials to make a nest and above all, few people pass by. For ventilation openings, if you want to maintain them, add an extra layer of mesh to prevent rodents.

In addition, you also need to check the air and drainage pipes of the air-conditioning, drainage and other systems. These systems often have pipelines of the perfect size for rodents looking for a home.

And finally don’t forget to check the windows and doors. Just a small hole or a part of rotting wood is enough for mice to make a way for them. The rodents’ sharp teeth are something you cannot underestimate.

#2. Eliminate objects and food that mice need:

Although you can’t completely throw away rodent-friendly supplies and food, you can minimize that friendliness to get rid of mice.

Do not leave dirty dishes overnight, especially while food is still in them. Wash dishes immediately after eating, wipe out the debris, and clean the sink to avoid creating an abundant food source for mice.

Empty the trash daily or seal the trash if you leave it overnight. Mice will find any way to get food in your trash. So keep the trash out and seal it if you don’t want to accidentally feed the mice every day.

Also, store food in hard plastic or glass containers if you cannot store them in the refrigerator. Plastic or paper bags will not be able to keep food safe from mice ‘sharp teeth.

Check for standing water, puddles and leaking pipes to stop supplying water to mice.

Clean up areas with suitable materials to build nests such as rotten wood, dry leaves, thread, rags, styrofoam to prevent them from nesting in your home.

By doing this, you will prevent the food, water and shelter available to mice. If you want to live in your home, then they only have to find food and nesting materials in your mouse trap.

After doing all the steps above, you just need to choose for yourself the most suitable mouse trap.


Removing mice from your home has never been a simple task, especially when you choose traditional traps. By combining favorite bait of mice and using an electronic trap, you will be able to get rid of mice most effectively. This is a humane and hassle-free, and above all, this is the best way to remove mice from your home.

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