Best Gopher Traps Review 2021: How To Pick The Best One?

Best Gopher Traps Review 2021: How To Pick The Best One?

If you are a gardener, whether professional or non-professional, you can still know about the troubles that a gopher brings. Gopher is one of the rodents that can cause severe damage to your garden.

The gopher’s appearance in your garden is the small pits on the ground. You probably won’t know why the vegetables in the garden disappear after waking up until you see the signs.

Gopher will “steal” vegetables by digging holes and pulling them down there. That’s the way the gopher moves throughout your garden.

To eliminate the nuisance and reduce damage to the garden, you need best gopher traps. The gopher live trap or any kind of trap will help you get rid of gopher.

We have summarized some humane gopher traps and some other information. Hope it is useful for your fight.

Top 5 Best Gopher Traps Review 2021

#1 Victor The Black Box Gopher Trap 0625

Victor is a famous and reputable brand in the market. Surely you are not new to traps from Victor. And of course a gopher trap from this manufacturer will not be absent on this list.

This gopher trap from Victor has a stable quality and high efficiency. With this trap, you only need to follow the gopher trapping tips from the manufacturer to be able to achieve positive results.

In particular, this product does not require much effort on setting gopher traps. All you need to do is locate the gopher’s tunnel, then set the trap inside the circle.

Setting gopher traps victor does not require as much effort as other traps on the market. This is an advantage that even children can support you in this fight. And it also saves you more time.

You also don’t need to look for how to trap moles and gophers because the manufacturer has a very detailed guide when using the product. Just by following the instructions, you can remove the gopher from the garden.

This gopher trap can be easily found in local disease stores. Or you can find amazon gopher traps, this product is at the top of the search.

#2 Amagabeli Humane Live Animal Trap

For those looking for a gopher live trap, never miss this product from Amagabeli. Trapping striped gophers or how to trap pocket gophers are no longer a problem when you own this product.

This live trap is designed from galvanized steel. This material is durable and very strong, gopher will not be able to destroy it. Galvanized steel is also rust resistant and can last a very long time.

This trap is very sensitive, with just a small effect from the gopher to the trigger hook, the trap door will immediately close and lock the animal inside. It is also very easy to install and use. You just need to prepare more bait for gopher traps to attract gopher.

Gopher trap bait can be fresh vegetables – something gopher loves. Or you can also prepare commercial lures.

At 31 “X10.5” X11.5 “, this trap can trap large rodents, however it will not kill or hurt animals. This trap will trap them. and wait for your release.

The product is quite cheap and you can use it for a very long time. However, it will take some time to trap the first gophers.

#3 GopherHawk Trapping Set

GopherHawk is a well-known manufacturer for Gopherhawk snare traps and this is also the name that you should consider for your list. But instead of the gopher hawk snare trap, we’ll show you a much more effective Gopherhawk mole trap and gopher trap.

That is the trapping set including the wedge and probe Tool. This product set will bring unexpected effect to your battle with gophers. It will give you a surprising result.

With this product, you don’t need shovels and other efforts to find the gopher’s path. Or you do not need to make efforts to expand the gopher’s tunnel to set traps.

The probe tool will locate the gopher and it can do it easily. You will no longer have to struggle to find gopher and effort digging. This means no more confusion or disappointment.

You also do not need to add bait or complicated settings. This product also does not use any toxins to remove gopher. That means pets and children are not affected.

You can also clean the device easily and can use it for a long time. However this is not a budget option.

#4 Havahart 1089 Collapsible One-Door Live Animal Cage Trap

Havahart is a prominent name in the field of epidemics with products of outstanding efficiency. The producer is well known from snake repellents to live catch traps.

And this trap is also a reasonable price and quality option for anyone looking for a gopher live catch. Measuring 32 inches x 10 inches x 11.63 inches, it is a large enough space to house large rodents.

This trap is made from anti-rust galvanized wires. This material not only provides a long life for the product but also prevents gopher from destroying the trap.

These galvanized wires are strong and do not have a sharp texture to be able to harm the gopher. It makes sure the gopher is kept inside safely.

In particular, the spring door of this trap is very sensitive. Just a slight impact from the gopher and the door will immediately close. This spring door also has a very strong and durable design. It makes sure the gopher cannot open the door from within or can destroy it.

This product is also designed to facilitate movement to bring the gopher away from your home area. It has a secure handle and a compact design.

However, this product cannot guarantee the highest effectiveness when the gophers can return to your yard.

#5 Cinch Gopher Trap with Tunnel Marking Flag

Another effective trap comes from Cinch. Cinch is a famous trap manufacturer and has a long history. Products from this manufacturer always receive much appreciation from customers.

These small traps are perfect to place inside the gopher’s tunnel. Which traps you can easily place in the tunnel according to their size preferences.

These traps invade inside the gopher’s tunnel and stop them immediately from destroying your garden. Once the gopher activates the trap, its neck is immediately locked.

These traps do not use any toxins or injure the gopher. They just barely keep the gopher in stock and prevent the gopher from moving.

Products made from galvanized steel, a very durable and environmentally friendly material. It can survive even the harshest weather conditions.

It also has a long service life, you can use it repeatedly while ensuring operational efficiency. You can also feel secure when burying this product on the ground and it does not harm the soil in the garden.

This product has many size options, you can choose a size that fits the gopher’s tunnel diameter. However this can also be a limitation because you have to prepare different traps with different diameters.

How To Trap Gopher?

How to trap gopher is a question that many people have not found the answer. To trap gopher is not difficult, but you have to know the basic information about this species. Trapping pocket gopher tips or using trap tips are also things that you should pay attention and learn.

To trap gopher, you need to prepare a pair of gloves, shovels and gopher trap that you have prepared. Some types of traps do not require a shovel because they have a probe. And some types of traps also require bait, so be prepared for the type of trap you choose.

First check out the amount of gopher in your garden. Fill the mounds. If the soil extruders appear more in the morning than the previous day, then there is likely to be more than one gopher in the garden.

Gophers travel through those tunnels and they extrude the soil above the ground. There may be lots of tunnels, and it’s your job to identify those tunnels.

For live catch traps, place them at the top of the tunnel. Set as many traps as possible because you cannot tell which gophers will come out of the tunnel.

For other types of traps, you need to dig a tunnel to place the trap inside. You need to pay attention to choose a trap size appropriate for the tunnel to achieve the highest efficiency.

You can learn more about how to use a gopher trap from the trap manufacturer. Manufacturers often give detailed instructions and clear instructions to users about their products.

If you have difficulty, you may want to consult with experienced people or pest experts.

How To Pick The Best Gopher Trap?

Even if you don’t have much experience in gophers traps, you need to know how to choose the best gopher trap.

Here are some factors that you should consider before investing in any gopher trap.

#1 Easy to use

The first element that the best gopher trap needs is the ease of use. For any kind of trap, you don’t want to spend hours figuring out how to use them.

Find traps that can be used immediately. Not everyone has the technical knowledge to enable a complex trap. And for everyone to set a trap, an easy-to-use gopher trap is a top condition.

An easy-to-use gopher trap will also save users time and effort.

#2 Requires little effort

A good gopher trap will not require you to spend much effort on it. And this is also the factor that you need to consider when choosing.

Choose gopher traps that do not require complex installation. Surely you won’t want to spend all day installing a trap. And one that can be used immediately is much more perfect.

The gopher trap you choose should not require you to make a lot of effort other than preparing the bait and setting the trap. You don’t want to do all the work of a trap?

#3 Easy to remove gopher

After the gopher falls, you need to remove the gopher from the trap. And this is when you need a trap that can help you do that easily.

The gopher trap also shouldn’t hurt the gopher when you remove it from the trap. It is best to ensure the gopher is safe before being returned to the natural environment.

#4 Lifespan

You should also choose long-lasting traps so you can use them long term. Surely you will not want to invest too many times for these traps.

Life expectancy depends on the material that makes the gopher trap. You should choose traps made from strong materials and can resist rust.

These materials will survive safely in harsh outdoor weather conditions. And these traps can also last long after being buried many times underground.

#5 Safe design

Certainly we cannot ignore design when talking about gopher traps. The product you choose should have a safe design, for gopher and for users.

They should not hurt the user when trying to install them. And they should not kill or injure gopher while in captivity. It was an inhuman option.

These traps should also have a design that can ensure the gopher cannot escape once trapped.

#6 Budget

Budget selection is also a factor not to be missed. Not the most expensive products are always the best. So you should choose products that suit your needs and garden.

To trap gopher, you need more than one trap. So consider carefully and make the most economical option. Currently on the market there are many types of traps that work well at very affordable prices.


A gopher trap is neither a simple task nor a complex task. You need to know the basic information about gopher as well as the right type of trap to achieve the highest efficiency.

When using gopher traps, you should carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer or can consult with experts. Hopefully with the information we have provided, you can take advantage of this battle.

Thanks for reading!

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