Best Mice Traps(Review 2021) – What is best bait for mice?

If you are faced with the intelligence and cunning of the mice in the house but can not do anything with them. Luckily, there are many tools to support your war. Examples include mousetrap, humane traps or less humane things like glue traps. You can use them to remove mice from your home.

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But only a mouse trap is not enough, you need to add mouse bait to get the best effect. So in this article, we will mention what is best bait for mice and give you the most useful tips for catching mice.

What is the sign of mouse recognition?

House mice are the most common animals in rodents that invade and destroy your home. But how do you determine which rodent you are dealing with is the mouse but not another creature? This is the first step you need to address to take the next steps.

You can determine which animals enter your home through signs of vandalism. Through the signs that the animal leaves, you can identify yourself as well as the next steps to prepare to cope.

Common signs that you can easily see are bites, droppings and noise. These signs may appear throughout your home, especially their droppings, an extremely recognizable sign.

What is the best natural mouse bait?

When mice enter your home, they will find the kitchen first. They will find the food they love and take them to the nest. You can easily detect that there are many foods near their places. So good natural baits are food and nesting material of mice.

Mice are high calorie animals so they like fatty and lots of sugar foods. The more calories a food has, the more likely it is to attract them.

So you should choose high-calorie foods and strong scents as bait for Mice. Mice have very sensitive sense of smell so choose such foods to attract them to the trap.

Some popular and effective foods for mousetrap that you should consult include:

– Peanut butter

– Cheese

– Mashmallow

– Sausage

– Cheese

– Bacon

Besides food, nesting material is also a kind of bait that can attract them. Certainly when they come into your house, they will look for nesting materials such as old clothes, yarn, old newspapers, cotton. These are the best ingredients to provide them with a warm and comfortable nest.

How about non-natural bait?

If you don’t succeed with natural primers, we recommend using non-natural bait.

Mice are very intelligent animals. They can spend a few days just to learn strange things on the way. So the bait is no exception. If after a few times other mice are trapped with natural food, they will communicate to each other and not be trapped a second time and become more alert.

This is when you should change to a new type of damage with higher damage as non-natural bait. Currently on the market there are many types of non-natural baits that you can find easily. Each different kind of bait will have its own characteristics but the common point is that they all use poison to get rid of mice.

Non- natural baits will help you remove mice more accurately and efficiently than natural primers. However, it contains toxins so you need to follow safety rules to avoid poisoning children or pets.

How to choose suitable trap bait?

Choosing the wrong bait is one of the most common mistakes when setting mouse trap with many inexperienced people. best mice trap is a trap that works well with bait.

Not all traps are active when the mouse touches, but it takes time to activate the trap. So you should find out what kind of bait is suitable for each type of trap to get the best results.

Many people who have seen that mice eat all the bait on the trap but the trap does not work or has not yet operated. The explanation for this situation is that you used the wrong type of bait for the trap. To avoid that situation, you should find out more information below about the types of bait suitable for each type of trap.

#1 Snap trap

This type of trap has a flat shape so you should use sticky bait such as peanut butter, jam, honey or specialized glue bait.

These types of bait will cling to the trap with certainty, so the mouse cannot move and steal the bait easily. When they touch the bait it will get stuck so there will be enough time for the trap to work.

#2 Electronic trap

These modern traps come with bait trays or bait cups, so you can use any kind of bait to attract mice. With the aid of the bait cup, the mouse will not be able to move the bait easily. Moreover, it is easy to clean and can remove sticky bait.

#3 Live catch trap

This type of trap is also suitable for any kind of mouse bait. With a tube-like design, the mouse has to run out of traps to eat the bait so that it provides enough time to trigger the trap.

We recommend that you choose block baits that are not in the mesh and easier to clean.

#4 Glue trap

Different types of glue traps are fragrant to appeal to the mouse, but that alone is not enough, you need to add new bait to ensure attraction. With this kind of trap, using mouse bait with nuts or candies will not stick to the glue trap for long. So you should use thin primers such as bacon, sausage or sticky bait.

You can refer to the comparison table below for more details:

TypeElectric Mouse TrapLive Catch TrapSnap trapGlue trapMouse Posion
ProsFast death from high voltage, no blood and mess, catches dozens of mice per battery chargeHumaneEasy to useCheapKill a large number of rodents correctly without having to spend time choosing bait
ConsCan not use outdoors without any waterproof accessoriesMust take the trap away to release the mouseDoesn't killMouse will squeak and die painfullyNot humane, dangerous for pets and children
Use forMouse, RatAll kind of rodentsMouseMouseAll kind of rodents

Top 4 Best Mice Traps 2021

#1 Intruder 30442 The Better Mousetrap, 6-Pack

You are looking for a kind of saving mouse trap for your average home, choose the spring trap of the Intruder. The set of 6 spring traps will give you enough number of traps to place around the house.

This product is made of stainless steel so their lifespan is quite compact and can be easily cleaned and reused. It can also be used comfortably both indoors and outdoors. To clean, just wash it in warm soapy water.

If with previous mouse traps, you often encounter mice stealing bait, this product will help you solve that problem.  Specially designed trenches inside the trap will help keep the bait better and ensure successful mouse catching.

Moreover, this trap will not cause a messy death and gore for mice but it will provide a tidy capture than many other traps. The trap has 30% more force than a trap of the same type so it ensures to keep the prey from escaping.

However, because the force is so dangerous, you should set a trap far away from children and pets.

#2 30 Catchmaster Mouse / Spider / Insect / Scorpion Glue Board Sticky Traps

Glue traps are the most economical and suitable trap to catch small sized mice. The 30 Catchmaster glue trap will help you destroy pests in your home area. You can use this trap to catch insects, spiders and mice.

A package of 30 glue traps gives you enough quantity to place traps at suspicious locations around the house. Moreover, this is a safe and economical trap so they are suitable to replace the types of traps that endanger children and pets.

These glue traps are the right size to catch mice. You can place them in planes such as on the floor or on the kitchen counter. You can also stack them on top of each other to create a large trap area for larger sized species.

However, there are many species that can tolerate glue and leave. So they only work well with small size species. Although it is not toxic, it also affects children so you should keep it out of the reach of children to avoid problems.

#3 AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap Catch and Release Rats Mouse Mice

If you don’t want to witness the painful of mice before they die, your choice is the live mouse trap. AB Traps’s humane live mouse trap will not disappoint you.

This kind of trap will help you catch mice in the house without harming it or any family member. All you need to do is place the trap in the area you want and then wait for the mouse to trap. This product has high quality and good performance so it ensures that once the mouse is captured it cannot escape.

This trap is made of very durable material, has a long life, so you can use it freely in the sun or rain. It can also be easily cleaned after each use and can be reused many times and for a long time.

This trap is very humane, it does not kill or injure the mice but only confines them waiting to be taken away. Traps do not contain harmful substances or elements that are dangerous for children and pets.

The only downside of this product is that you have to bring the mice to another place. Make sure the place you drop them does not affect any family or crop. They can completely ruin other families if you drop them in the wrong place.

#4 Victor Electronic Rat Trap – Reusable, Easy to Bait Rat Trap

You want to find the kind of trap that can kill the mouse quickly and accurately, do not ignore the electronic mouse trap. Among them, Viktor’s electronic mouse trap will help you remove any mouse in just 3 seconds.

With this kind of trap, you don’t need to spend much time preparing. Just put the bait in the trap and start the trap then wait for the result. This electronic trap will kill humane mice with a strong power source, they will not have to die painfully like glue traps or snap traps. Mice will die before they feel the pain and there won’t be any bloody or messy scenes. So you can handle and clean up more easily.

This mouse trap is designed to minimize the mouse’s escape ability. It also has the auto reset feature without human impact. Besides, it can kill up to 50 mice on a single charge, so it can kill mice anytime, 24/24.

Moreover, it also has an automatic warning light system. Each time a mouse is caught, it will signal with a green light and last for 24 hours. When the battery is low, it will signal a red light.

However, the minus point of this product is that it cannot be used outdoors. It will easily be damaged if it gets wet. So make sure the place where you set the trap is a dry and cool place to extend the life of the product.


Knowing exactly what problems you are facing will help you deal more easily with rodents. And once you decide what kind of trap to use to catch mice, you should understand their characteristics to get the best effect. Good mice traps are the good combinations with bait. Hopefully the information above will help you get rid of mice in your home.

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