Best Mouse Killer(Review 2021) – What is the best way to trap mice?

Are you crazy because mice invaded your home? Are you looking for the best ways to trap mice and want to find the best mice traps? Perhaps this is the state of many families around the world.

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No matter what situation you are in, you should get rid of mice as quickly as possible, otherwise they will produce more in a short time. When they have shelter and food, it will be difficult for you to eliminate them.

This article will give you useful information on all ways to trap mice. Whether you want to use humane traps or any other kind of trap, following the plans below will give you worthy results.

What are the common ways to get rid of mice?

#1 Mouse traps

This is the first method people think of when they want to get rid of mouse. This method is effective and easy to implement so it has become popular around the world.

Currently on the market there are many types of mouse traps, from cheap and simple traps to more modern ones. There are several types of mouse traps available on the market such as: snap traps, electronic traps, live catch traps, glue. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss below.

When mousetrap, you need to know a few basic principles to be able to kill mice most effectively. Let’s start with 4 traps in 4 corners of the house. If you only see a single mouse but do not reduce the number of traps, this will help you catch the mouse faster.

Set traps in places that are less accessible, such as under kitchen counters, baseboards, behind sofas, etc.If you are unsure, look for traces of rats left and trap them near them.

#2 Posion

Using poison is the most effective method but it is controversial because of inhumane and toxic. Many people think that this method is very cruel because it causes rodents to die painfully from within.

But the fact that rodents carry germs into the house and spread the infection to family members is also very noticeable. Would you choose to protect these small animals or find a way to eradicate them?

If you use poison to get rid of mice, then you only need to take safety measures to avoid harming children and pets.

#3 Use a pet

This is the most natural and most economical method. With this method you do not need to invest in expensive traps or harmful toxins, but just use the pets in the house.

You can use a cat or a dog to catch mice, but you should use skilled animals, rather than choosing animals just as ornamental.

Hounds and cats have a good sense of smell, so they can detect the tracks of rats in your home. Moreover, they also move very fast so they can catch prey in a blink of an eye.

However, they are unable to reach small areas or nests of mice, but can only hunt when rats find food. So their effectiveness is not as high as the above two methods. You also need to clean up the mouse’s body when the pet catches it and sometimes you can’t find out where they hide the mouse as their spoils.

#4 Remove the mouse with the smell

Do you like natural ways to remove mice from your home? Besides using pets to catch mice, using the smell of chasing mice out of the home is also a natural method that many people choose.

This method is based on mouse habits and behavior. When a mouse infiltrates your home, it will leave a trace for the remaining mice to find their way along. So you will not be able to prevent the infinite amount of mice from entering your family.

To get rid of this trail, many people have come up with a method to use a strong odor, one of which is ammonia. This substance will wipe out the scent of hairy rodents left in your home.

However, this method has a minus point is that not only rats must be exposed to this strong odor, but also humans must be exposed. This will cause discomfort for family members so when you use this method, make sure the members are not at home.

What is the best way to trap mice?

Currently on the market there are many types of mouse traps, people wonder what is the best one to use. However, each has its advantages and disadvantages, so we have analyzed to help you make the best choice for your needs and situation.

#1 Electric mouse trap

Electric mousetrap is the fastest way to catch mice. It can knock down a mouse in the blink of an eye with the electric current. So it is suitable for those who love to get rid of mice as quickly as possible.

Electric mouse traps can also be reused many times and are easy to clean. They have a very high success rate so it is difficult for the mouse to escape the ghost which will be killed immediately upon touching the trap.

However, this type of trap has a high price compared to other types of traps so many people cannot equip multiple traps around the house. But keep in mind that they are reusable, long life and especially very effective.

#2 Snap trap

This is the most common type of trap available. They are quite cheap but difficult to install and not very effective. Plastic traps seem to be better than wooden ones.

Improved plastic trap with very nice and strong metal rod, spring function works better. You can also equip multiple traps around the house to increase effectiveness because they are quite cheap compared to other types of traps.

This is an inhumane trap, you have to witness the mouse died of pain, not suitable for some people.

#3 Live catch trap

Live catch traps are the first choice for those who do not want to witness the gore, do not want to kill mice. This type of trap is used to catch mice, confine them in cages and release them into the environment.

With this kind of trap, you also have to use bait to attract mice to go inside, then the trap door will collapse to trap the prey. When releasing them into the environment, make sure that the area is away from your home and does not affect other households.

You should use stainless steel traps, strong enough to withstand the bites of mice. And you should also check the traps regularly because a live mouse can inform others in the area.

#4 Glue trap

Glue traps are often the last option when it comes to mouse traps because they are both ineffective and cause extremely painful death for mice. When stuck on a glue trap, mice get trapped and suffer extremely terrible and quite cruel pain.

While they are very cheap and can catch other animals like flies or mosquitoes, it is not very effective for large sized adult mice. So sometimes you just see a pinch of hair on a trap that is not an intact rat.

TypeElectric Mouse TrapLive Catch TrapSnap trapGlue trapMouse Posion
ProsFast death from high voltage, no blood and mess, catches dozens of mice per battery chargeHumaneEasy to useCheapKill a large number of rodents correctly without having to spend time choosing bait
ConsCan not use outdoors without any waterproof accessoriesMust take the trap away to release the mouseDoesn't killMouse will squeak and die painfullyNot humane, dangerous for pets and children
Use forMouse, RatAll kind of rodentsMouseMouseAll kind of rodents

Top 4 Best Mouse Killer 2021

#1 NEOGEN RODENTICIDE Havoc XT Bait Block Pouch, 8-Pound

This product is confident you can eradicate a large number of rodents, including rats and mice. You can use them indoors or off the farm because they are designed to suit all types of weather.

This bait contains brodifacoum to prevent blood clotting so when mice eat it will die a few days later. So make sure to place them in the bait station to avoid contact with pets or children. The bait station will help prevent their contact, it only allows the entry of small animals like mice.

Placed many bait stations containing mouse bait around the area you want to remove the mouse, just a small amount will cause them to be defeated quickly. No matter what type of mouse, roof mouse or house mouse cannot escape this destruction.

But cleaning is not as easy as you think. You will have to go around the house to find the source of unpleasant odors. If you cannot find it, it is an extremely difficult challenge.

#2 Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks, 12 lbs (96, 2 oz chunks)

You want to find yourself the best mouse killer? Do not miss this product by Farnam. This is one of the most highly rated mice poison in the market.

The name says it all about this product. With just a bite, rodents that enter your area will be removed immediately. Bait bars contain bromadiolone that help knock down the prey as soon as it is eaten. So you don’t have to wait a few days to clean the body of a prey.

It is a dangerous product for all rodents including squirrels or hamsters, so it is extremely suitable for use on farms or in gardens. Moreover it can withstand both low temperatures and high temperatures without compromising on quality.

However, because it is extremely toxic, you should not use it in areas with pets or children.

#3 MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Liquid Concentrated Bait, 1.68-Ounce, (8 Pack)

If solid bait doesn’t satisfy you, why not try this concentrated liquid primer from Motomco Tomcat. Usually mice are very alert when choosing food but for drinks they will be less alert. So if the bait does not attract mice, use this product as a source of water for mice to drink.

Mix this product with water. The product contains diphacinone, which causes the mice to slowly die after a few days.

Not only does it kill house mice, it also works with other large rodents. All you need to do is clean the dead animal after drinking the poison.

It is best to use this product in dry conditions. Because when it rains there will be many sources of water for mice to use or this liquid will spill out, dangerous for pets to drink. You should also restrict the water sources around the trap area for best results.

#4 Motomco Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx, 4 Lb (4lb Pail Kit)

Another product of Motomco Tomcat was put on the list because the ingredients in the bait were made like human food, making sure the mice were irresistible.

Each primer pack contains ingredients such as bromadiolone and diphacinone, which can knock down the prey quickly in a short time. It confidently declares war on any harmful rodents that enter your home, including large species.

This product is quite widely used to kill mice in the garden and on the farm because you can use large amounts for a long time and withstand all weather conditions.

To ensure the safety of other pets and children, make sure you store them in bait stations with safety locks.


The best way to trap mice is to know the rodent information you are dealing with, in order to make specific and appropriate plans to eliminate them. Do not tolerate these harmful rodents because the danger they bring to your family life is greater than you ever imagined.

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