The Best Mouse Trap: 4 ways to choose bait will make you satisfied

Do you have experience in trapping mouse? Are you struggling to find the best mouse trap? However, keep in mind that a good trap is not enough, you need to have the best bait, best suited to the animal you are dealing with.

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We have compiled some useful information about placing a mouse trap so you can succeed in removing the mouse from your home. Remember, the mouse is extremely intelligent and it is not easy to deal with as you think.

What do you need to know before choosing a bait?

#1 Extremely sensitive sense of smell

Mice are extremely sensitive to their sense of smell, not only can they detect nearby scents, but they can also detect changes in the air through the smell. So it can move quickly whenever there is movement and find food sources in the most discreet places.

Because of their sensitive sense of smell, they especially like strong-smelling foods like peanut butter, cheese or other high-protein types.

They also like the sweet smells of sweets, syrups and jams, so you can also consider these types of bait for your traps.

#2 Mouse diet

Understand as simple as this, you want to eat the food that you do not like or not? Mice are like humans, and have their own diets and foods they don’t like. The mouse is an omnivore so it can eat just about anything, but not all of its favorite foods.

Currently on the market there are types of poisonous bait with attractive scents such as human food that many people choose to eliminate rats.

What is the best food for mouse trap?

If you have a basic understanding of the mouse’s eating habits, then choosing a good bait will become easier.

Although they are very intelligent, they are also unable to resist their favorite foods, especially when they are gluttonous. Some of the favorite mouse food we have listed below that you can reference for your traps:

– Peanut butter

– Siro

– Bacon / Sausage

– Smelly cheese

– Mashmallow

– Nuts

– Pet food

– Jam

These foods are all the mouse’ favorite foods. In addition, you can choose some other quality foods such as high protein, sweet, not need to smell but must be strong. Among them, peanut butter is the most favorite mouse dish and is most used by humans to prey because of its attractive aroma and amazing sticky texture.

Bacon is also a good choice because they have a very strong smell to the mouse. The effect is even greater if you use homemade bacon, because it tastes better than store-bought bacon. Because it does not contain as many preservatives and chemicals as it is made in factories. The release of a stronger scent makes it easy for mice to find bait so that the effectiveness of the trap also increases.

If you grasp the best bait that your favorite mouse has, you are more than half successful in your trapping efforts.

How to choose the best bait for each kind of mouse traps?

Not all types of bait are suitable for all types of traps. Depending on the type of trap you have, there are specific types of bait available, so you should know this information to increase the odds of success for the trap.

#1 Best bait for electric traps

Electric traps are a newly developed and widely used trap in the past few years. Unlike other simple traps, it uses high technology to knock down mice. However, you also need to use bait to attract the mouse to enter the trap like other types of traps.

The electric traps currently on the market are designed as a small house with one end sealed. Therefore, the bait used for electronic traps must have a strong and attractive odor, enough attraction with the mouse.

If you use peanut butter, make sure it is new enough to have the best, strongest odor. Or if you want to use bacon or sausage as a bait, use homemade or low-preservatives. Similarly, a strong-smelling cheese is also a good choice. Besides, you can also use fragrant candies like chocolate or marshmallows to attract the mouse.

#2 Best bait for snap traps

Snap traps are the most open type of trap, so that the mouse can easily steal the bait without getting caught in the trap.

For this type of trap, you should use good adhesive such as peanut butter, syrup and avoid solid bait. The cheese seems to be appropriate but it is a very easy bait to steal.

When using sticky bait that requires the mouse to pull the bait out of the trap, these actions will trigger the active trap. However, you should also note that you should not use too much primer, only a sufficient amount is best. If the bait is too much they will flow out and the mouse can easily lick them without causing the trap to collapse. So a thin layer on the trap surface is the most appropriate amount for a good trap.

You can also use chewing gum as bait for snap traps. Why not? Gum has a great scent, is very fragrant and very sticky. They also contain sugar – the favorite flavor of mice. So chew gum several times and then stick it into the snap trap, the mouse will have to use force to pull the gum out of the trap so the trap will be activated unexpectedly.

#3 Best bait for glue traps

Glue traps seem to be rarely used, but they are still a popular method because they are cheap and can trap other animals like mosquitoes or flies. Besides, although less humane, you do not have to handle the mess like a dead mouse in the house but just bring a glue trap with a dead mouse.

The choice of bait for this trap is also very simple because they already have adhesive. You can choose primers like nuts or pet food because they work very well on this type of trap.

Mice are smart animals so make sure you press down on the bait particles and glue to avoid them stealing the bait. As long as the bait is attached to the glue, the success rate is also enhanced because the mouse will have to work harder to get the bait.

#4 Best bait for live catch traps

Live catch traps are the type of traps that are popular for their humanity. You do not need to kill a mouse if you want to remove it from the house. You also won’t need to witness the painful or terrifying death of mice every time you clean up. So with this kind of trap, we have to choose the most suitable bait?

Because the traps are made of stainless steel bars, there will be gaps between them. So you should choose the kind of large size bait so it does not fall to the floor. The types of bait you can choose are smelly cheese, large cut bacon, chocolate bar. You should avoid nuts, pet food and bird seeds.

There are many types of traps, but you should not use any kind of bait because each type of trap has characteristics that suit each type of bait. Do not arbitrarily choose bait according to your preference because that will reduce the success rate of setting the mouse trap.

Studying the rodent information you are dealing with is not a useless, time-consuming task but a good plan to get rid of it.

TypeElectric Mouse TrapLive Catch TrapSnap trapGlue trapMouse Posion
ProsFast death from high voltage, no blood and mess, catches dozens of mice per battery chargeHumaneEasy to useCheapKill a large number of rodents correctly without having to spend time choosing bait
ConsCan not use outdoors without any waterproof accessoriesMust take the trap away to release the mouseDoesn't killMouse will squeak and die painfullyNot humane, dangerous for pets and children
Use forMouse, RatAll kind of rodentsMouseMouseAll kind of rodents

Top 4 Best Mouse Trap 2021

#1 Intruder 30442 The Better Mousetrap, 6-Pack

You want to find yourself the best and most effective type of snap trap? Don’t miss this Intruder product. This is an economical product for you to remove the mouse from your home.

Unlike other traditional snap traps, this product offers a new user experience. You will not have to witness painful deaths, scary bloody scenes when the mouse trap. Instead, with a design with few mechanical moving parts, this product will remove mice cleanly without causing strong mouse injuries. By trapping and choking a mouse, this is a big plus when you don’t have to clean up blood after a mouse trap. This design is also safe for children and pets so you can be assured of the safety of the product.

Besides, made from high quality plastic, stainless steel springs and 30% stronger force makes the mouse unable to escape. It can also be reused after each trap by washing with warm soapy water.

However, the plastic smell of a product can affect the scent of the bait contained in it. The mouse doesn’t like the smell of plastic so the first few days can be difficult. But after a few uses, when the smell of plastic fades, the effect is the same.

#2 AmazingTraps The Amazing Humane Rat Trap

When it comes to mouse traps, make sure to catch live catch traps. This AmazingTraps product is certainly not to be disappointed.

This product is made from lightweight aluminum so it is corrosion resistant and has a long life. The spring trigger part works flexibly and effectively. Especially, it can trap all rodents from small size to large size, from mouse to weasel and squirrel in seconds.

With this trap, you absolutely do not have to worry about rodents being injured or suffering painful death like other types of traps. When the mouse is attracted to the bait inside the trap, it will come in and trigger the trap door to collapse, trapping it. All you need to do is bring a mouse trap inside and release it away from your home. So that they will not affect pets or children. You also do not suffer from the unpleasant odor caused by dead mouse bodies.

This type of trap is also very easy to use, so you do not need to fumble about welding hours to find how to assemble and use.

However, this product is not suitable for those who want to trap mouse discreetly because you can see it clearly from the outside.

#3 Eliminator Robust Electronic Rat and Rodent Trap

This electronic trap of Eliminator certainly gives you the fastest and cleanest mouse trap experience. Not only can they kill mice, but it can also take down all rodents that invade homes or farms.

This electronic trap can replace poison bait or other inhumane methods to remove mice. This product uses a high current to knock down the rodents with a single movement. This electric shock of up to 7000V instantly kills the prey within seconds without causing any bloody death. Even the mouse could not feel the pain in the body. So this is a humane and clean product.

You just need to insert the battery and put a little bait into the trap, then activate the active trap and wait for the result. The trap also has a warning light so you can know when the mouse has been defeated or not.

Cleaning is also very easy when you just lift up the trap and then dump the mouse in the trash. You can then clean it with a damp cloth or disinfectant to keep it clean.

This is also the weakness of this product because it cannot be cleaned with water in a clean way. You can only wipe with a towel, but not soapy water.

#4 Tomcat Mouse Size Glue Traps, 6-Pack

Tomcat’s glue trap is the most economical option. This product does not use harmful substances so it does not affect pets and children. The adhesion of the product is enhanced, so that the mouse can hardly escape once stuck to the trap.

Besides this product also works to kill other pests in your family like cockroaches, spiders, flies. For best results, choose the right types of bait and place them in dusty places. Because traps will not work well in dusty environments, this is also a minus point.


Never forget that a good mouse trap is a good combo with bait. Not all types of bait are suitable for traps and vice versa. So keep in mind the above information to be able to successfully remove mice from the house with mouse traps.

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