5 Best Snake Boots for Men 2022 : Men’s Snake Boots Reviews

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At first, I thought Snake Boots are boots made of snake’s skin, then I knew I was totally wrong. Snake boots are particularly designed to protect people from being bitten by snakes.

If you’re going to hike, hunt or walk in potentially dangerous areas like climate forest, long grass, snake boots need to be the first thing you, especially men, carefully choose and buy.

So what are the best snake boots for men that are durable, trendy and reliable? I’m here to help you decide! Let’s check it out!

What are Snake Boots made of and used for?

Most snake boots are made from layers of synthetic materials such as rubber, leather, rubber, nylon, etc. Those layers need to be thick because they have the function of preventing a snake’s fangs from penetrating the wearer’s skin and most importantly, injecting venom.

The materials of snake boots are resistant to severe weather conditions like cold, dry and hot as well. That makes them tougher and more durable than the average rain boots you often wear. You will see that the best men’s snake boots are usually designed with dark color or a camouflage pattern so that it can easily blend in with the surroundings and make snakes pay less attention to you.

How many are types of Snake Boots for men?

Men’s Snake Boots can be typically classified into steel-toed and leather, rubber boots. With steel-toed snake boots, there is a steel-toed rubber sole as an extra shield for the front part of your foot. Areas where high temperatures and low rainfall are suitable for you to use this kind of boots.

On the other hand, if you walk through areas having nicer weather, particularly warm ones, leather/rubber boots are the popular choices with a regular heel and elastic top section that covers tightly.

Snake-proof rubber boots have a big advantage of it’s lightweight! In addition, you will find some of these boots will easily please you because they come in a variety of different colors. Outdoor activities like hiking in diverse wildlife regions with snake rubber boots definitely should give a try!

What to consider when choosing Snake Boots for men?

Here are 5 important points you should pay attention to before buying men’s snake boots!

#1 Materials

You purchase snake boots not for it’s unique, fancy but it’s bite-proof so you need to consider the materials being used. Snakes are a dangerous species with crazy sharp, long and hollow fangs or grooved teeth which have venom (or not). I think you know that when you’re bitten, venom will be released and even kill or paralyze you. So, snake boots for men or other women have to prevent the snake’s fangs and venom from harming your feet.

The combined materials of snake boots (leather, denim, synthetic weaves…) make them  tougher and more durable than normal boots which cannot block a snake’s bite.

#2 Right height

Snakes will not just lie around the ground immobile but they have nature-made ability to climb, slither, pose and strike your feet and your shins. Research and real-world experiences shows that snakes mostly strike people on between your ankle and knee. That’s the reason why knee high snake boots are the safest ones, most popular between 16 to 18 inches in height. You should never choose an ankle height pair of snake boots. The shortest length of men’s snake boots is mid-calf to call it safe. So before buying any, check the shaft sizes for an optimal choice.

#3 Fit and Comfort

Have you ever bought something just because it’s beautiful and fancy then you didn’t consider it to fit your demands or not? I believe there is someone who does it with snake boots too. Best style, best color, best design would do no harm, but I think you also have to ensure that snake boots are fit and comfortable for you.

This crucial point is for the purpose of the wearer’s free and flexible moves. Imagine you have to wear a pair of rigid and stiff snake boots for a long time, it can make your feet swollen and painful. Directly buying in stores often has better experiences for you to try on shoes or clothes than online shopping. However, in the midst of Covid-19, online shopping now has become a “must” thing for us.

#4 Suitable Closures

Every tiniest aspect of a men’s snake boots is too important to be ignored. This type of shoe often has zippers to make it easier to wear. As I mention here, do not overlook the tiny details like the zippers because they could risk your life.

If you are walking through an area of thick bushes or twigs, they might unintentionally pull the zippers and then expose your skin to a snake bite around there. Now, lace closure men’s snake boots might be a better idea than zippers. More than that, it can customize your comfortable fit from your feet to your shaft. You can ask the seller first to be consulted for other types of closures so you can make a safer choice.

#5 Breathable – Good air circulation

Because snake boots for men are often made of synthetic materials so they are quite rigid, sturdy and might be unbreathable in some way. I think sweaty and smelly feet would become your nightmare if you neglect the shoes’ air circulation. The only advice I can give you now is look at the materials or design information whether it be made from moisture-wicking linings or breathable fabrics or not. Those things would create good air circulation inside the shoes and a good user experience as well.

Top 5 Best Men’s Snake Boot 2022

How to know what’s the best choice for you when you are drowning in a thousand ones, not snake boots only? What are the most favorite snake boots currently? They are as good as what the manufacturer said, aren’t they? I will help you find the right answers.

#1 LaCrosse Men’s 4xAlpha Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot


Let me start this list with LaCrosse. Well-known for being one of the most reliable and long-established boot brands in the world (from 1987), LaCrosse is the top-notch for those who seek the quality and durability of boots, including LaCrosse 4X Alpha snake boots. The LaCrosse 4X Alpha Men’s Snake Boots are made of 100% rubber so it can protect you from snake’s bite effectively while still keeping your feet dry in water or mud conditions.

With hand-laid premium rubber throughout the shoes and comfortable design, LaCrosse would be a worth considering pair of shoes for you. These shoes feature Active Fit with adjustable rubber gusset for you to easily take on/off and a secure, comfortable fit on foot, you can move like an athlete with these shoes.

Not only have Quad Core technology with four layers of cushion and support underfoot, your feet are also protected by a multilayer rubber on the toe and heel as well as a full shin guard for added durability and protection. When it comes to the material, LaCrosse is made of flexible Snake Guard material with approximately a 14.5″ shaft from arch, 16’’ circumference and a 1.0 inch platform height for comfortable and safe protection.

Due to the 100% rubber, these snake boots can keep your feet dry in water or mud conditions.Moisture wicking and quick drying polyester jersey liner. Wholly made of neoprene and rubber has side effects for users. I think the only cons of LaCrosse 4X Alpha is it’s unbreathable. If you want truly waterproof snake boots, it’s so hard to make them breathable.



#2 Rocky Men’s Lynx Waterproof Snake Hunting Boot


Rocky boots are also a long lasting and strong reputation boots brand for hunters in the world that have been working since 1932. Rocky’s line of snake boots is now considered as the most powerful and significant product line as well as their other casual, rugged shoes, work shoes and boots. So what makes Rocky’s snake boots hold such a reputation for so long?

Rocky’s Lynx Waterproof Snake Boots for men have a high quality that will meet every hunter’s needs. First, it is built with quality waterproofing materials. Cordura fabric to keep you dry in wet environments with 15 inches in height. This type of textile is quite rugged so that it can help your feet withstand adverse conditions. Because Rocky Lynx is not made of synthetic material like rubber then it’s also lightweight for users. More than that, both the toe and heel cap are reinforced for abrasion protection.

You can wear these shoes on plateau, mountain, plain, or valley terrains while feeling comfortable and easy-to-move. These boots have an EVA midsole-absorbing, compression molded and durable. About the outsole, the manufacturer chooses rubber because it is great to use for all terrains.

I think what makes Rocky Lynx men’s snake boots special is due to this design. This pair of shoes has both lace and side zippers to get on and off easier. It’s fashionable and convenient for every wearer with trendy camouflage patterns.

When it comes to cons, I also read a lot of reviews on Amazon and then came to the conclusion that some customers had trouble buying the right Rocky’s Lynx Snake Boots size. I recommend you consider to order on Amazon after having consulted thoroughly with the seller.



#3 Chippewa Men’s Pull-On 23913 Snake Boot


You are looking at a brown espresso versatile piece of footwear for men of Chippewa. I think Chippewa Men’s Snake boot is the most elegant and stylish one in this top 5 list. Chippewa Boot Company has been an American tradition in outdoor lifestyle footwear since 1901. Many customers said that Chippewa represents integrity, heritage and performance by preserving authentic, high-quality products made with the finest materials.

You might be surprised because it is not initially designed for snake’s bite protection. Once hunters and hikers used this and saw the potential for snake proof of these boots, people called them with a different function name – Chippewa Snake Boot for men.

With 100% leather and fabric, these particular boots will amaze you by its smooth, high fashion design but casual too as well. These shoes serve with the pure Rugged Goodyear welt construction made in the US to provide customers with high-quality footwear. Chippewa Snake Boots’ shaft measures 17 inches which combines leather and viper cloth fabric.

It’s look has side effects too. You shouldn’t hope fabric and leather footwear could do the best waterproof function. Dry conditions would be the right terrains for hunters or hikers wearing Chippewa Boots rather than wet conditions. You may use creams to enhance the waterproof capabilities.



#4 Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17″ Hunting Boot


Hunting and hiking are activities that require dedication, experience and proper gear. I found Irish Setter’s Vaprtrek snake boots when collecting information and writing this review for you and I thought it deserves to be in this list. So what makes this boot in top 4 snake boots for men?

It’s manufacturer uses RPM technology on it’s outsole – a composite material that reduces significant weight of the boot. I cannot handle wearing a heavy pair of shoes when walking a very long way and I guess you will, too. This boot is made of 60% Textile and 40% leather.

I think with this special design, your feet will always get clean and comfortable. Because it is engineered to add ScentBan to various materials from leathers to linings to footbeds, killing bacteria that cause odors.

There is another advantage of Irish Setter Vaprtrek that it has UltraDry construction combining a moisture management lining with waterproof components for dry, long-lasting comfort and performance.

Not being a water-resistant snake boot makes Irish Setter Vaprtrek a disadvantage. You should only choose these shoes when going to dry conditions, not wet.


Cons: Absorbent

#5 Guide Gear Men’s Nylon Rubber Snake Boots


Guide Gear’s Snake Boots for men is now coming to your cart! These shoes are not only called Snake Boots, but also mesquite boots or rock boots by it’s possibility of hard-line protection from sharp and dangerous things. Here are some crucial points of Guide Gear’s Snake Boots

These shoes are designed with 100% waterproof possibility for the ultimate protection that would be suitable for marshes or swamps. Your feet will remain dry and you will be absolutely confident throughout a long hunting day.

Though being equipped with lace, these Guide Gear’s Snake Boots also have side zippers for users to quickly put on and off without lots of effort. Side zippers save your time but you also should consider that: Is there any risk it can cause if it is stuck or opened by accident without realization? Always carefully check the side zippers when you are hunting or hiking to protect yourself from snakes’ bites.

Most importantly, with the light-but-tough 900D nylon combining snake guard fabric, the manufacturer provides hunters a great defense shield against snakes’ bites and other venomous hazards.



Final Verdict

Never be subjective before the attack of snakes in the wild because you will never predict what will happen. There are still many snakebite deaths out there and the best men’s snake boots will help you avoid this risk.

Prevention is better than cure. Remember that! With these recommendations, I hope you will find the best snake boots to protect you on your trip or adventure without sacrificing your comfort.

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