Top 4 Best Snake Proof Gloves Reviews 2021

Top 4 Best Snake Proof Gloves Reviews 2021If snakes are your thing then you will no doubt know the importance of taking proper precautionary methods to make sure you keep yourself safe when handling them. You might keep snakes for pets, or be participating in some handling in the wild – whatever your situation a high-quality pair of snake-bite proof handling gloves is essential.

Snake handling gloves will ensure you are protected from harm, improve your confidence in handling snakes and make sure the snake is comfortable as well. Here we run through some of the top snake handling gloves on the market to make the buying decision easier for you.

Top 4 Snake Gloves 2021

#1 Editor’s Choice: DEFENCES Snake Proof Gloves(Leather+Kevlar)

If having a pair of snake handling gloves sounds too specialised to you, then this pair of animal handling gloves might be just what you’re looking for as they are super versatile. Not only are they bite proof against snakes and other likely predators, they also make a great pair of welding gloves and protection against some of the most fierce thorns and prickly undergrowth, amongst many other things.

As they are made with cowhide leather that has been thickened they are strong and last the test of time even under regular use. However, the cotton lining ensures they are comfortable to wear, have great dexterity and are breathable. One issue you want to look out for with these gloves is the sizing, as the medium corresponds to a much larger size of glove, so you might want to opt for a size down from your usual with this purchase.

These gloves also give you a close enough feel to handle animals without worrying about hurting them, whilst also being sure your hands are protected themselves. So no matter how the wriggling critters are trying to dish out bites and scratches, these gloves will keep your blood in your veins. At the price they are being sold for, you cannot find a better all-round snake bite proof glove than this.

Type of Snake Gloves

Leather Snake Handling Gloves

Kevlar Snake Handling Gloves


– Naturally strong protection

– Durable fabric

– Can vary the thickness

– Extremely strong

– Lightweight material

– Great for larger snakes


– Softens over time

– Can be a little stiff to wear

– Limited flexibility

– Can harm the snake if they bite into the material

– Higher price

– Not as abrasion resistant as leather

#2 WINGOFFLY 23.6″ Animals Protection Gloves (Leather)

This pair of snake handling gloves fall into the leather category and are made out of thickened cowhide – an extremely reliable material that also provides varying levels of flexibility depending on the make. A common choice amongst professional animal handlers, these gloves are made my Wing Of Fly a top brand when it comes to high-quality animal handling products thanks to the reliable protection and finger flexibility.

These gloves measure 23.6 inches long so extend all the way along your forearm and past your elbow, ensuring your fingers, hands and arms are incredibly well protected from whatever snake you are handling, or if you are reaching into the depths of your compost bin. So if you are really interested in picking up these creatures, or run the risk of reaching into their homes, these gloves have protection from any cuts or bites that a snake may wish to inflict on you.

The clever craftsmanship of these gloves doesn’t stop there. They are designed to be flexible with you so, while they are made of strong material, you can still move your arms easily within these gloves so that you can be relaxed when you are handling your snake. A great choice for all snake enthusiasts and these gloves can also be used when handling other animals such as dogs, cats, birds or lizards.

#3 Handmax Animal Handling Gloves(Leather+Kevlar)

Here we have a pair of snake gloves that are made of a combination of cowhide leather and Kevlar thread – so you get the benefits of both fabrics. In terms of flexibility, durability and puncture protection These are also a hot choice for professional animal handlers thanks to their reliable and durable design that means they last even when used regularly. For such a reasonable price, these gloves offer more than you would expect and are a great choice if your budget is at the smaller end.

Many users have commented on the mobility and dexterity of these gloves from Handmax, so you can be reassured that you will be comfortable which is great news for both you and your snake. These gloves come in one size so they might not be the best choice if your hands are on the larger size. However, they generally seem to be a good fit for all despite this slightly annoying quirk.

You will love the price of these gloves too, as for around $18 you can get yourself a great quality pair of snake handling gloves that you can rely on. We also love the striking yellow colour of these gloves which really makes them stand out so you won’t lose these in your garden shed (or bedroom drawer) easily.

#4 KIM YUAN Leather Gloves(Flexibility)

Made from thick cowhide leather, these gloves have been designed mainly for use with welding, but also provide protection against bites while handling animals. The beauty of this is that they are more flexible than the other gloves on this list, making them much easier to work in for longer periods of time without finding you need to take them off to get the level of precision you need for the task in hand.

The cuts of leather used are also highly puncture resistant, as well as offering great dexterity and offer a decent 14 inches of cover of your arm. One downsize of these gloves is that they are not made to be breathable so your hands can get very hot inside of them, but they do cost at the lower end of the market.

Despite the cheap price these gloves are durable thanks to the leather used whilst the excellent kevlar stitching within these gloves contributes to their superb heat resistance. So if you are looking for a pair of gloves that don’t restrict your movement too much and comes for a budget price without reducing the protection, these will be the best cheap snake handling gloves for you.

Snake handling gloves – what to look out for

It is good to have an idea of the types of materials snake handling gloves are made of before you make a decision about which product is the right choice for you. You can either go for leather gloves which are generally made out of strong cowhide – this is a very tough material whilst also being adaptable in terms of thickness depending on what types of snakes you will be handling. Leather is a very trustworthy and durable material great at keeping bites from causing harm.

Another option is a synthetic fabric, with manufacturers usually using a synthetic material called Kevlar. This is just as strong as leather (if not stronger) but has the benefit of being lightweight as well. Kevlar is a good choice if you are going to be picking up snakes that are on the larger size who may be a little harder to handle. Often you will find snake handling gloves made of a combination of both leather and Kevlar.


Safety is the top priority when it comes to purchasing a good pair of snake handling gloves, and with materials like leather and Kevlar, you can be confident that you are sufficiently protected. There are other considerations to think about, however, when it comes to getting the right pair of snake handling gloves for you.

Some are more flexible than others – those with Kevlar in do tend to be more lightweight and moveable so look out for this feature. You can also get snake handling gloves that extend all the way to your elbow, so if you are looking for extra protection then these could be a great option for you. Whatever your needs might be, investing in a good pair of snake handling gloves is essential if you want to get a little closer to your favourite slithery reptile.

Overall, the best all-round snake handling gloves reviewed for protection, flexibility and durability were without a doubt Defences’ animal handling gloves – they have top marks for comfort as well as versatility as they can also be used for handling a variety of animals and can be used for welding. So if you are going to be putting your hands in harm’s way any time soon, these would be our top pick.

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