The 4 Best Snake Proof Pants, Chaps and Gaiter 2022

The 4 Best Snake Proof Pants, Chaps and Gaiter 2022 For the adventurous amongst you who enjoy exploring unknown territories, it is wise to think about protecting yourself against a potentially lethal venomous snake bite. They can attack you when you least expect it and are most aggravated by a step into their territory. You can take precautions against this by getting yourself some good quality snake pants, chaps or snake gaiters.
A pair of snake chaps pants offers the ultimate protection as they come right up to the top of your thigh – giving you full leg protection. Snake gaiters offer protection from your ankles to your kneecaps – so not as much coverage as the chaps pants but still provide a good barrier against snake bites.

Snake Proof Chaps Comparison Table

Buy Link Product Features Price
U.S. Solid Snake Gaiters- Snake Guards Snake Proof Leggings for Ultimate Snake Bite Protection, Protects Against All Types of Ra… from $39.99
ForEverlast Snake Guard Chaps, Camouflage- Hunting Gear with Full Protection for Legs from Snake Bites & Briar Thorns & Brush from $48.43
Forester Realtree Licensed Snake Chaps from $49.93
Youth Snake Guard Chaps (Khaki Tan, Youth Medium) from $116.96
Snake Proof, Briar Proof, Waterproof Hip Waders, Made in U.S.A. (Mens Boot Size 10 – Chap Size 27 Thigh/29 Inseam) Brown Price by Size #101112
Youth Snake Chapz Price by Size #101112
Rattler Snake Proof Chaps (APG, Husky/Large) Price by Size #101112
TurtleSkin® SnakeArmor Total Protection Snake Chaps Price by Size #101112
Rattler Snake Proof Chaps Price by Size #101112
Crackshot Men’s Snake Bite Proof Guardz Gaiters Price by Size #101112

Top 2 Snake Proof Chaps Pant 2022

#1 Editor’s Choice: Rattler Snake Proof Chaps Pants

If you are looking for a heavy duty and tough pair of snake proof chaps pants, then this pair of 1000-denier nylon are puncture proof, water resistant and provide great ankle support. These chaps pants are sized well meaning that you can easily wear them for hours on end without them becoming too uncomfortable. As they are nice and lightweight also, you won’t wear yourself out when out on trails in these.

The adjustable straps help to give you flexibility and ensure a decent fit that is comfortable to walk in. This means that although they are thick, you will be able to adjust them to suit your needs and have no concerns about a zip falling down and leaving your ankles unprotected. The option to buy these in a camouflage print is also a nice little feature of these chaps pants.

So if you are after the best chaps pants on the market for comfort and protection, these fellas will surely be right up your street and depending on your size you may even be able to get these at a bargain price.

#2 Rattler Snake Proof Chaps Pants

If you are after a cheap pair of chaps pants that will provide you with protection from snake bites from the knee down, then this pair of camouflaged snake chaps pants will be just what you are after. They stand up to some fearsome fangs and thorns without leading to unwanted tears of trousers worn underneath, making these perfect for dealing with tough terrain and thick undergrowth where you may be unfortunate enough to startle a snake.

As these strap on and off easily, they are not as hot as most snake chaps pants. They are also extremely lightweight making them wearable for hours without causing tiredness or discomfort. However, the finishing of the straps does leave a little to be desired so you will want to take care of these. That said, they can cope with some pretty challenging environments.

Although these are camouflaged, you will need to be aware that a small whispering sound is emitted when walking in these, so if you are hoping to sneak up on any prey, you may wish to invest in a more expensive pair. All in all, though, these are a great pair, for a cheap price that offer great protection and comfort.

Top 2 Best Snake Gaiter 2022

#3 TurtleSkin® SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters

As far as snake gaiters go you can’t get much better than this pair by TurtleSkin. Made out of patented, high-strength polyester even the most persistent of snakes are not going to make it through these bad boys (they have been tested against the biggest of rattlesnakes). You might think that because of their strength that these gaiters will be bulky and uncomfortable, but you would be wrong – the clever designers at TurtleSkin have constructed a gaiter which is both incredibly strong whilst also being lightweight. Each gaiter weighs just 6 ounces – so they are not going to inhibit your stride.

These gaiters come in two sizes, the Regular size which measure 20” top of calf, 17” ankle, and 16” length, or Husky size which are a little bigger measuring 23” top of calf, 20” ankle, 16” length. Once you have the best fit for you the gaiter should rest securely over the top of your shoe and then travel all the way up to your kneecap. With these gaiters, you can enjoy breathability, comfort and a waterproof coating to keep you dry.

Another bonus of these gaiters is that they fold well so are easy to store and carry with you in your pack if you are not intending to use them immediately. If you are wanting top-quality protection from snake bites for your lower legs then look no further than these snake gaiters from TurtleSkin.

#4 Crack Shot, Snake Guardz Snake Shin Guard

If the TurtleSkin gaiters are a little out of your budget then this pair of snake gaiters from Crack Shot are a great value alternative. Having undergone stringent quality testing, these snake gaiters can withstand a 12-gauge shotgun so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to protection from snake venom. In addition to snake protection, they will also protect your calves from other spikey plants or animals you might encounter on your adventures.

Coming in a variety of different colours and designs, these snake gaiters are very eye-catching. They also come in 6 different sizes so you are bound to find the perfect pair for you. With easily adjustable straps your comfort is guaranteed as the designers have even thought about adding a feature which allows for air circulation between your leg and the gaiter – keeping your legs cool and reducing the risk of clamminess. They are also lightweight and waterproof – so what more could you possibly want?

Throwing in a 2-year warranty Crack Shot really have thought of everything, meaning you can confidently buy this product – not only for their quality and excellent design but with the knowledge that if you are not satisfied with the product Crack Shot will honour your decision. Now that is customer service.


For their all-round coverage, comfort, flexibility and high quality, our top pick are the Snake Proof Chaps Pants by Rattler. We also love that they come in a cool camouflage design to make you even more protected. These are a great product and will keep you safe from snake bites on any outdoor adventure.

Snake gaiters and snake chaps pants could be a life-saving investment. Whether you opt for calf and ankle protection with the gaiter, or go for the full leg coverage of the chaps pants, having a pair of these will really give you peace of mind so that you can enjoy the outdoors without fear of being bitten by a snake.

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