Best Mouse Poison(Review 2021) – The 2 best ways will make you remove a rat from the house!

Rodents are always a problem for every family. Have you ever been unable to sleep peacefully because of the noise of rats? Have you ever woken in the middle of the night to chase those hateful mice? They not only destroy furniture and food in our home but also bring germs to pets and family members.

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So getting rid of those rats is what everyone wants. However, to get rid of them is not an easy job. Traps are a powerful tool to help us remove rats, but what is the best way to catch a rat?
You can refer to the table of difference between the ways to catch a rat below.

Top 4 Best mouse poison 2021

#1 18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Control Rodenticide

This product has been proven over the years to provide a quick, single-shot bait very well in its work. It can help you get rid of rat most effectively and accurately.

This rat poison has an optimal blend of low wax content and bromadiolone with 0.005%, making the mouse feel very delicious and attractive.

These rat poison blocks are designed with a middle hold so you can easily attach them to the bars inside the bait station. This will also help prevent mice from trying to pull the bait into their lair.

You can use this product both indoors and outdoors because it can withstand weather. You should take note of bait replacement after 40 to 60 days in winter if there is contact of mice. For summer days with higher temperatures, you should replace them regularly to ensure the highest efficiency.

Never leave them in the reach of children and avoid contact with pets because this rat poison is very toxic, adversely affecting health. This is also the weakness of the product.

You should never use them separately if there are no trap stations, be sure to use them with the trap station with a security lock.

TypeElectric Mouse TrapLive Catch TrapSnap trapGlue trapMouse Posion
ProsFast death from high voltage, no blood and mess, catches dozens of mice per battery chargeHumaneEasy to useCheapKill a large number of rodents correctly without having to spend time choosing bait
ConsCan not use outdoors without any waterproof accessoriesMust take the trap away to release the mouseDoesn't killMouse will squeak and die painfullyNot humane, dangerous for pets and children
Use forMouse, RatAll kind of rodentsMouseMouseAll kind of rodents

#2 NEOGEN RODENTICIDE 45-Pack Ramik Rat and Mouse Bait Pail

If you are looking for a unique mouse killer, this is the product for you. This poison is rated quite positively by previous customers and is trusted by many people.

This poison is resistant to all weather conditions so it can be used both inside and outside. You can use these primers to get rid of mouse and rat. They are all easily captivated by the flavor of fish and the abundance of protein found in those green primers.

You can easily find individual bait packs inside. Each individual primer pack contains 45 primers, so you can place it all over the house to attract rodents, increase efficiency and shorten the waiting time for rats to eat.

A special feature of this product is that the poison will dilute rat and mouse blood. Because of blood thinness, they will feel very thirsty and will go outside to find drinking water. That’s why rodents will die outside your home so you don’t have to bother cleaning up the unpleasant smell or body of mice after they die.

You can use this product to get rid of a large amount of mouse and rat. With attractive recipes, they will bring the bait to the lair for the rest. So this poison works very efficiently and quickly.

However it has the disadvantages of being dangerous to children and pets when exposed. Furthermore it is not used with bait stations without bait cups. So you have to spread them on the floor and in the yard to kill rats.

#3 Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks, 8lbs (64, 2 oz chuncks)

Farnam’s bait blocks are capable of killing any rodent with just one bite. From smart rodents to larger species, it is impossible to avoid the temptation of this poison.

Like the two primers above, this type of poison can also be used in all weather conditions. You can also use it both inside and outside the home. The 8 pound bait container provides you with a large number of primers that can kill mice for a long time and can replace them regularly if needed.

With this primer, you can keep it the same size or crush it then sprinkle it into small, hard-to-reach areas such as behind electrical appliances and holes in the warehouse.

The bait blocks have a powerful formula that helps attract rodents quickly. Maybe within just the first few days, you will see some species encounter deadly saliva in your home and smell unpleasant.

Because this bait is very poisonous, it can kill any animal with a bite so during this time you should not leave pets in the house. Rodent carcasses can appear everywhere so you should also quickly handle pets that do not eat or play with mice.

#4 Talon G Mini Pellet Place Packs (300 Packs) Rat Mouse Rodent Killer Bait

Talon G is a super mice killer, which was favorite by professional pest operators. This is a powerful poison that can kill any rodent if eaten in a short time.

This product has an extremely long lifespan, so you don’t have to replace it regularly like some other toxins. It can kill large numbers of rodents in your home area within 12 hours.

Because this is extremely poisonous, they kill mouse and rat very effectively. If you don’t have a lot of time to check the mousetrap, let this product help you. You will no longer be awakened by the noises of rodents within a few short days.

They have an attractive scent, so the rodents in your house cannot ignore it. Once a poison is eaten, the mouse will die within 12 hours.

Because this is an extremely powerful poison, it is very dangerous for pets and children. If pets or humans are accidentally poisoned, they should be treated with vitamin K antidote for several days.

Because rats are not immediately prepared, they can take refuge in your home, even where you can’t see it. This will increase the risk of threats to pets and children. So you should regularly check and clean up if toxins are moved by rodents to other locations.

Primers should not be used unless secured and contained in an accurate anti-lock bait station.

Why rats are so hard to trap?

Why do you always have trouble trapping rat? Why is a small animal so big a challenge? Don’t worry you’re the only one, all households have similar problems.

To know why rat are always hard to catch, we have listed some of the main reasons you can gain more experience for yourself.

#1 Different interests

Mice are very picky animals, not all food is their favorite food. Different rats have their own preferences and even between different mice sometimes don’t have the same hobby.

Most people use cheese and peanut butter as bait for rats, but these primers do not always work effectively.

Take, for example, rodents or plants that grow in the garden, they are not interested in cheese or peanut butter because their favorite food is plants. Or there are rats that don’t like sweet prey like jam or marshmallows but they like to taste salty like salty meat.

Therefore, choosing bait is one of the key stages and also the most difficult work. You cannot know for sure what kind of mouse you choose to use as well as their preferences to make the most accurate choice.

Knowing which species of rat you are dealing with will result in better trap placement. However, if unsuccessful, you can only continuously change baits until you catch the mouse.

#2 Rat is bigger than mouse

Normal mousetrap sizes are the right size for catching mice, so for rats, they are slightly larger than mice, so common traps are hard to catch.

We are not mouse experts, so it is difficult to distinguish the animals running in your home at high speed, hairy and gnawed as a rat or rat. So it is understandable when many people use snap trap or glue trap to deal with rat. But for rats with large rat size, these are not very effective traps.

Rat size is even twice as big as a house mouse, so to deal with them, we need a larger and more efficient type of trap. You can find electric mouse trap or minnow trap to trap rat.

#3 They move very carefully

The rats are not only smart but they are also very careful. They do not move in open spaces but will run along walls and underneath furniture. Therefore, trapping them is not easy. In particular they are often loyal only to one road to their nest, in tight, dark places such as attics or basements (places that are difficult to access). Setting traps has become more challenging than ever.

#4 They are very smart and sensitive

The mouse is one of the smartest animals. They are very alert when a new object appears on their way. They will spend a few days observing whether the object is harmful to them.

So when you set a trap on their path, the result may not come as soon as you expect it will take a few days. Wait patiently for the results to let the rats get caught off guard, then they will reach your trap most naturally.

#5 They reproduce quickly

The frightening thing is that small animals, causing trouble and destroying your family like cockroaches, mosquitoes, and mice are all very fast. So removing them completely is extremely challenging.

You can trap one or two mice for a few days but the signs of the mouse still appear every morning when you wake up. That’s because they produce new litters.

Rats born a new litter every 21 days. When you think you’ve killed all the rats during the day, there are other animals that appear. This will continue if you cannot find their nest.

Instead of just placing a trap for a mouse, you should put lots of mice killers including snap traps or glue traps on the way to their nest. The best way is to destroy their nest to avoid future consequences.

What is the best way to trap a rat?

There are two main ways to catch the mouse: rat trap and rodent baits. Both of these ways have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the common goal is to remove the mouse from your home.

Let’s find out about these ways.

#1 Rat trap

Setting traps is the best and most popular method to deal with rats. Rat trap is usually quite cheap and suitable for most families’ economies. Currently there are many types of traps on the market and they are quite effective.

When using mouse traps, you should regularly check the status of the trap and bait to be able to adjust as needed. Besides, you also need to clean up the dead body of a rat to avoid causing odors and germs.

Traps should be placed on the path of the mouse and the lack of light, especially in attics, basements and near food sources. Always be careful to keep yourself out of the reach of children and avoid pet access.

Currently there are three main types of mouse traps on the market:

Snap trap is the oldest and most traditional method. Traps can be wooden or plastic, operating on the power of the trap bar. This is also the cheapest trap you can buy dozens of placed along the path of the mouse and many other places at the same time.

When choosing to buy this type of trap, you should choose a large size a bit to ensure you can catch many different types of mice. Small-sized traps often do not have the ability to hold large-sized mice so that they can escape the trap easily.

#1 Snap trap:

Snap trap is the oldest and most traditional method. Traps can be wooden or plastic, operating on the power of the trap bar. This is also the cheapest trap you can buy dozens of placed along the path of the mouse and many other places at the same time.

When choosing to buy this type of trap, you should choose a large size a bit to ensure you can catch many different types of mice. Small-sized traps often do not have the ability to hold large-sized mice so that they can escape the trap easily.

#2 Live trap:

This is the kind of trap that is the current trend. This type of trap allows rats to enter but cannot escape. That’s why they are still alive, you can decide to kill it or drop it somewhere far away from your home. The trap works via a sensor-activated wire-up mechanism. Just a slight motion of the mouse is the trap will automatically collapse and lock it inside. However, there is a lot of controversy around whether to release these mice elsewhere without killing them, because the mouse you let go will be a nuisance for another family. And that mouse can also carry germs to a new place.

#3 Glue trap:

Compared to the above two types of mouse traps, the glue trap is much less effective. It only really works with small hamsters and for large mice, they really don’t work well. Large mice can easily get out of the glue like nothing has ever happened. Or if the mouse is stuck with only one or two legs, they can still run away. Or if stuck a part of the body in the glue, they can even pull the glueboards around with the body.

#2 Rodent baits

Rodent bait can be used in combination with mousetrap to increase efficiency, or it can be used separately without a trap. This is also a method that many people choose. Here are the basic rodent baits to remove mice:

#1 Baiting traps:

This is the type used to combine with other types of mousetrap to attract mice. The types of primers that rats prefer can be pet food, fruit or cheese. These foods can be attached to traps by thread or wire. However, they do not always achieve results because rats can take bait without entering the trap.

#2 Rodenticides:

This is a method used to kill mice, known as a method that can kill a large number of mice. In the past, you could easily buy them at stores, but recently it was banned for wide use. This helps protect children and pets from accidental contact with these toxic substances.

If the number of rats in your home is too much, you should contact licensed pest control experts to use this method to do it, not to do it yourself to avoid bad cases. When using any pesticide or rat poison, all label instructions must be read and followed correctly.

#3 Bait station:

The bait station is an attached device that places the mice killer. The station does not have a mousetrap, but instead acts as a small kitchen where food is stored and the rats can eat there. The bait station is designed to resist the contact of children and pets, so it is very safe when you put it indoors. The bait station can also be considered as a tool to assist you to lock the mouse back when the mouse is eaten inside.


Killing rats is always difficult and complicated, requiring you to understand rodents as well as appropriate methods to apply them effectively. Compared to using mouse traps or using animals to catch mice, the use of poison is suitable for busy people and applies to destroy a large number of rodents. Although dangerous, we cannot deny their unexpected effectiveness. So you should follow safety rules so as not to endanger anyone other than rodents.

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