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  • Water snakes eats a varied diet of fish, tadpoles, frogs, small mammals and large insects.Read More
  • Water snakes are not suitable for pets, as they require a lot of space. Also, their temper is rather vicious.Read More
  • Water snakes can reach 7-8 years and females can reproduce after a few years. They darken as they get older.Read More
  • Water snakes can climb trees and use branches for resting. They are always close to a water source.Read More
  • Water snakes are most common in the south-eastern USA, but is found in California also as an invasive species.Read More
  • They are often confused with cottonmouth snakes, despite having round eyes and round heads.Read More
  • Water snakes hunt both day and night. During night they concentrate on shallow waters and mellow fish.Read More
  • Water snakes waits under water for their prey to pass by. Hunting like this, they prefer small fish in calm waters.Read More
  • Females are larger than males, not only longer, but heavier also. Their growth is faster too.Read More

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Pictures and videoes of water snakes

By Anders Nielsen, Ph.d.

If you would like to know more about water snakes please visit the page where descriptions of individual water snakes are listed.

Hunting for Water Snakes in Alabama

This guy finds a hissing diamondback water snake between some rocks. The water snake bites him 35 seconds into the video. He has been bit so many times that he is actually tired of it. As he says, these water snakes can be quite aggressive, and they will really give you a run for your money. They will also try to look more aggressive than they really are. Unlike many other snakes, they really mean it when they bite; it is not just a warning bite. In the video, you will also get a close up view of snake scales. Although water snakes are harmless, this video demonstrates that they really do bite.

Water Snake Eating Goldfish

The action in this video begins after 53 seconds, where a water snake attacks and begins eating the goldfish. Unfortunately, goldfish contain an enzyme that harms water snakes. This guy will probably only have his water snake for half the time he otherwise would since he feeds his snake with inferior food. At 1:48 the goldfish is completely swallowed. The video at this point is good as you can really see a water snake close up.

A Banded Water Snake From Florida

The woman holds a banded water snake.

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Banded Water Snake

The most important thing to notice is the crossbands.

A plain bellied water snake—here, a yellow bellied water snake. In the clip, it is eating a toad.

A plain bellied water snake—here, a red bellied water snake. Don't mind the guy in the movie.

Water snake

Northern Water Snake

Brown Water Snake

Lake Erie Water Snake

Banded water snake

Florida water snake

Blotched water snake

Yellow-bellied water snake

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