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About Anders Nielsen, Ph.d. (Danny Meta)

Anders Nielsen PhD in Ecology, University of Oslo.
Founder of watersnake.net and www.cottonmouthsnake.net.
Water snakes (Nerodia spp.) belong to a family of non-venomous colubrid snakes found in North America. In the southeastern USA, water snakes are among the most abundant and most often encountered reptiles. Although they are not venomous, they will defend themselves and bite if threatened, and water snakes are known to be aggressive.

About James Boraski Editor

Today was windy and had me hiding from the waves in some new water… 1 Lake Trout, 1 Pike & Brook Trout landed… lost a huge Brook Trout right af the boat fighting the waves… but that’s fishing.
I also discovered why the fish haven’t really been biting… see below…

About Sue Westwood Editor

Great Friday afternoon on the water, a little fishing, fish fry, Wally went in the water on his own today from the boat. So cute, he tested the water first then slowly stepped off the boat. Wish I had a video. Nothing is better than our sunsets on Georgian Bay. Coming from the Tomb.

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