Best Rat Trap(Reviews 2022 ) – 10 bait list will make you catch a mouse

The mouse is the most annoying animal in your kitchen. They always find ways to sabotage and eat things in the kitchen. Or they even destroy walls and household items if they get in their way.

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Are you having problems with dirty mice? Haven’t found the right solution to remove them? Problems with mice always bother us for years if we don’t find the right way.

Below we will share the measures as well as give advice on the best rat trap that will surely frustrate the mice in your kitchen.

What is the best mouse trap bait?

Mousetrap is the easiest and safest way for you to get rid of obnoxious mice from your kitchen. However, not everyone can choose good bait to attract them.

A good bait is always the first and important factor for you to have a successful mouse trap. So what is a good bait to trap mice?

The best list of rat bait includes: peanut butter, smelly cheese, salted meat, dog or cat food, cereals and candy. These are attractive foods for rats and certainly they cannot ignore these delicious bait.

Make sure you always use a glove or spoon or knife to set the bait on the trap. This will help not to leave the scent of your body on the bait, otherwise help you not get injured if something goes wrong.

What are the highlights of the mouse?

When it comes to mousetrap, many people may be afraid of not wanting to kill a small animal. However, do you know that even though they are small, they are one of the most destructive animals. They are present everywhere in your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom, from the basement to the loft. They can easily bite down on wires, sofas, wooden tables to brick walls, it can be said that they are inaccessible and nothing is indestructible.

The special thing about mice is that they have very sensitive and extremely smart sense of smell. So it is a real challenge for you to pursue them to arrest them. Not only do they possess a great sense of smell, they can also sense sounds accurately and quickly. Any movement you make is detected by that small brain, so you can’t catch them easily.

In addition, they have a very sophisticated taste. Not all food is their favorite food, so they can be considered as a picky child. So you need to know the list of the types of primers they like to be able to ensure effective placement.

What is the best bait list?

As noted above, not all foods are rat favorites. They can chew at most your family’s food bags, pet food bags or even leftovers. But not all of them will be ate by mouse, mainly to satisfy their gnawing habits.

So not all the food you put in the mousetrap will be a good bait. You need to know what is the favorite bait of the rats and what kind of bait you should not spend effort on.

Below is a list of the best baits to put in the mousetrap.

#1 Peanut butter:

Peanut butter is the biggest fat bait for mice to penetrate the mousetrap. The characteristic of peanut butter is very sticky and sweet, so it can act as an extremely sweet glue but it is difficult to escape. Peanut butter is also easy to find because they appear everywhere.

You can also try with hazelnut chocolate, the effect is quite similar. Make sure you use a spoon to scoop peanut butter into the mousetrap, do not touch the bait or the mouse will not come close because their nose is very audible, it can smell the human body easily.

#2 Smelly cheese:

Smelly cheese is also one of the favorite dishes of rats. The more the cheese smelly, the more attractive they are to mice. Reduce a bit of cheese when you cook, so it will be a rat-killing weapon. These stinky cheeses may not appeal to you, but for rats, this is the food of life. You can also add attractive parts to cheese primers by spread a thin layer on cookies.

#3 Chocolate:

It may sound strange but chocolate is really a good bait to attract rats. All you need is a sweet and soft chocolate piece, then the mice will automatically enter your trap. Remember to wear gloves when you touch chocolate.

#4 Salty meat:

Who doesn’t like salty meat? Even mice are infatuated with this kind of food. You can choose bacon, chorizo ​​or a little salami as bait for mousetrap. Certainly the mice will not be able to ignore this taste.

#5 Pet food:

Rats especially love the taste of foods for dogs, cats or even birds. Especially they are extremely impressive with a mix of fresh, wet food in a tin box for pets. They also love to eat food for birds, but the downside of this type of bait is that they are very small, easily roll off the trap, so you should use them with other foods that are likely to stick like butter or cheese.

#6 Syrup:

This rodent is extremely fond of sweet food, so you absolutely cannot miss the syrup on this list. Anything that contains sugar or syrup is a good bait to trap mice. You can use maple syrup, honey or jam as bait for mousetrap.

#7 Breakfast cereals:

The grains seem to be tasteless but one of the best and most economical primers. Let the mouse very nibble on nuts or starch, so cereal is also a great thing to gnaw. Throw a few grains into the mousetrap and you’ll be able to see the magic the next morning.

#8 Candy:

As mentioned above, mice love sugar-based foods, so they can’t ignore candy. You can use marshmallows or jellies as bait for rats because they are usually very soft and fragrant so they can seduce rats easily.

#9 Strawberry jam:

Yes, definitely must be strawberry jam! Together with syrup, strawberry jam is an adhesive with a deadly charming fragrance. As the most fragrant jam of any jam, strawberry jam should be on the list with a high position.

#10 Fast food:

When watching the animation, did you see pictures of rats rummaging through fast food store trash? One of their favorite dishes is pizza. This type of bait contains both cheese and starch, so make sure the rats are trapped. Besides pizza, you can try fried chicken, sausage or sandwich.

What to do if your mousetrap does not attract?

After choosing the bait and setting the trap, all you need to do is wait and wait longer. However, your mouse trap is not always filled every morning. If you can’t catch a mouse after a few days, do the following.

#1 Check the location of the trap:

If after a long time your trap still does not attract rats, I recommend checking the location of the trap. You may have misplaced the trap position and try moving it to another location.

You should know that rats are very afraid of open space, so don’t put them in the middle of the room or large spaces of light. The ideal location for trapping is beneath the furniture, small spaces between objects or along the hidden wall.

Try positions with less light coming and small gaps to see if it will help your mousetrap. If not, go to the next thing.

#2 Check your mouse’s preferred bait type:

As we said above, mice have a taste and taste for eating as a child, so not all foods are preferred by them. If bait doesn’t attract rats, take turns to change to get hold of what your favorite bait is. Try the list of the 10 best primers we offer you, surely you will see the magic.

#3 Check the sensitivity of the trap:

Mice are very good at lightly trampling. With small legs and quick reflexes, they can easily grab prey without being trapped. If you find that the bait is less or there is a mouse footprint on the trap, check the sensitivity of the trigger. Or else you can use the electric mouse trap, it will give you the most accurate sensitivity of a mousetrap.

#4 Check the amount of bait set in the trap:

Another reason that the bait in your trap is reduced but not catching the mouse is that you let the bait too much. You do not fill your trap in the hope of catching multiple mice. It is this way that helps the rats to easily get the bait without getting caught. So make sure the amount of bait you put in the trap is not too big, a pea size is just enough.

#5 Check the bait preparation process:

Rats with sense of smell are very sensitive, so they can easily sniff the presence of humans through prey. So, in order to make sure the rats do not stay away from your trap, wear gloves, use a knife or fork when you prepare the bait.

#6 Checking objects next to the trap:

Rats are often very alert to new objects on their way. So maybe these objects make them more alert and change their direction. It will take a few days for the rats to check if they are dangerous to them. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see rats being trapped when you move things. You just need to maintain the position of the furniture for a few days so that the mice are more familiar and guarded.

Top 4 Best Mouse Trap 2022

#1 CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Traps

This trap of CaptSure is the best choice in terms of cost and efficiency. With affordable price and superior quality, this mousetrap deserves to be on your priority list.

This product includes 2 packs, can be used to trap mice from small sized mice to larger sized mice like hamsters. Small pack used to trap mice and larger packs used to trap hamsters and chipmunk. With a safe and friendly design, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The CaptSure trap has a transparent and extremely sensitive design so you can easily check it from the outside without having to open the trap many times.

It is also easy to use. To set a trap, all you need to do is put the bait in the drawer, open the spring door and then go to a good night sleep while waiting for the mouse to be trapped.

Specially, this traps are also resistant to odor and water resistance so you can be completely assured when placing outdoor mouse traps. With the right trap size, all indoor and garden rats can be easily removed.

However, this product still has some disadvantages. First, because it is made of plastic, some mice can chew plastic traps if they are locked up for a long time. Therefore, regularly check the mouse trap to avoid the situation that the mouse can destroy the trap and escape.

#2 Kensizer Small Animal Humane Live Cage Rat Mouse Chipmunk Trap for Indoor and Outdoor

Small rodents always bring unexpected destruction to things in your home, especially wires as well as garden plants. And to eliminate their nuisance is certainly not easy.

Luckily, you still have measures to get these rats out of the house. For those who don’t want to kill, simply want to grab the rats then throw them somewhere else, the Zackizer’s mouse trap is the perfect solution for you.

This mouse trap of Zackizer helps you to catch the humane mice so you can throw them elsewhere without affecting the objects and food in the family.

Traps made from aluminum are very light and durable. You can trap indoors as well as outdoors without harming the surrounding environment. And with solid aluminum, traps can avoid the sharp teeth of rats.

It also has a very quick triggering mechanism so once the rats touch the trap, the door will automatically close and lock immediately. And so the mice were locked in the cage in an instant.

With a safe design, this trap is completely harmless to children and users. You are also completely assured if your pet touches the trap will not hurt.

It is also very easy to use, you just need to put the bait in the trap and then do nothing. At a reasonable cost, this is definitely a good mousetrap that you can easily find on the market.

However, like other humane mouse traps, you should regularly check the trap because the rats will start biting the cage to escape. You can also use minnow trap to trap a large number of outdoor mice, which have the same effect as this product.

#3 Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Electronic Mouse Trap

Some families use pets to catch mice, but not enough to eradicate rats out of the house. Some families use traditional mouse traps but their effectiveness is not high. So what is the last measure? The answer is the mice killer electric mouse trap.

Currently there are many electric mouse trap products on the market from many different brands. However, our choice is Victor’s electric mouse trap. As its name suggests, Victor’s M250S electronic mouse trap is the winner in the list of electric mouse traps currently on the market.

This device is a powerful and accurate mouse trap. It uses high-voltage electricity to kill rats in your home. This electrical device can kill small rodents by emitting electrical impulses when detecting movement from smart circuit technology.

Inside the device is a piece of metal, when the mouse enters this metal they will be killed in seconds with the high voltage activated. This product runs on 4 AA batteries with high capacity, and if fully charged, it can kill up to 100 mice. So you don’t need to waste your effort preparing the mouse trap.

Its features are specifically designed to kill mice in the most efficient way. Small high-pressure tunnel with no way to avoid rats can destroy traps. If the voltage is high enough, the machine does not need any chemicals or poisons to kill rats.

The device is designed to be safe, just enough to allow the mouse to enter the trap without allowing the entry of the hands of children or pets. So it is a safe and extremely effective product to kill mice.

You may find it difficult to put bait on your trap for the first time without instructions. However, you only need to use a cotton swab or some toothpick to put the bait in place. Then just place the trap in the dark and near the path of the mice.

The downside of this product is that they cannot be used outdoors, so if you need to buy an outdoor mousetrap, be aware.

#4 Acmind Mouse Trap, Small Mice Traps That Work, Mice Snap Trap and Power Mouse Killer

Besides the types of trap traps and electric traps, there is also a kind of snap trap. This type of trap is most commonly used in the past to present with relatively low cost and high efficiency.

Many people like to hear the sound of traps every time they catch a mouse. So we strongly recommend Acmind’s snap trap product.

This is a snap trap with a new, more modern design. For traditional snap traps, they often have bars to hold the mouse on the trap. As for this product, instead of a bar, it has jaw to increase damage as well as accuracy for mouse trap.

The mechanism of operation of this type of mousetrap is very simple, when the mouse enters the trap, the jaw will fall down with a great force to ensure the mouse is no longer escape and trapped inside the trap waiting for you to handle. With extremely strong jaws, rats will have no chance to destroy traps like other common traps.

This product is portrayed as extremely suitable for small-sized rat kill. However, it is also capable of destroying larger sized mice without any difficulty. You can use it to remove large sized hamsters or small mice in your home kitchen. However small mice are still the best.

This product is also very easy to use, you just need to prepare the bait then put it into the trap is usable. The cup is easy to disassemble so you don’t have to worry about the bait position and you can clean it to avoid stinking.

In particular, Acmind’s snap trap is extremely sensitive, just a small movement of the mouse is the jaw that fell right down strongly.

However, that is why it can be dangerous for users. You should be careful when changing the cup, use tweezers to put the bait cup into the trap. That will help minimize damage with your hands from sharp and powerful jaws.


Removing a mousefrom your home is not an easy task, so we recommend you should observe their activity for a while before you have the information to set the trap correctly. The track also gives you information about the location of the activity as well as the mouse’s favorite bait. With this information you can adjust the position of the trap and the appropriate bait to increase the efficiency of the mice killer.

Besides, you need to observe the mouse type and their size to choose the appropriate type of trap. Hoping with the information we have given you can help you get rid of hateful rats from your home.