The 4 Best Snake Proof Boots Reviews 2022

The 4 Best Snake Proof Boots Reviews 2022

No matter what continent you live on in the world, unless you call Antarctica your home, then you can be sure that snakes will be something you have to contend with if you love trekking in the outdoors, forest walks, or work in rural areas. With the US being the home to some of the world’s most poisonous snakes too, you need to be sure the shoes you choose are the right ones for your environment.

Here we look at the best snake bootss we know about on the market that are great for general support and protection from typical obstacles as well as the unexpected snake bite.

Type of Snake Proof Boots

Long Grass Snake Boots

When you know you are going to be facing hours walking through long grass or thick undergrowth where snakes may be lurking, then it’s worth looking into a boot that goes up to the knee for added protection. This means you need to check they are not too fiddly putting on and off, as the last thing you want to be stuck in at the end of a long walk is your boots.

Pull-on Snake Boots

If you are the sort of person that finds tieing laces up all the way to the knee to be too much hassle for what it is worth, then don’t worry, there are a host of top quality pull on snake proof boots available on the market. They key with this variety is to get the right fit, as you don’t want a loose fit causing you friction burns on long outings.

Top 4 Best Snake Proof Boots

#1 Editors Choice: Lacrosse Men’s Adder 18” Snake Boots

If you want protection from snakes that is easy to put on and take off, then pull on boots could be for you. This great boot from Lacrosse is just that, coming as it does with two oversized handles to help you slip it on. Whilst many big boots get too hot, these are designed for breathability, so even if you have them on all day long you’re feet will stay cool.

These boots are also great all year round and deal well in all terrains with very little wear over a long time period thanks to to the robust rubber built to last and provide comfort at the same time. The possibility to buy them at half size and double wide is also a great feature that means you are more likely to find a perfect fit for your needs. You’ll also get plenty of compliments in these highly stylish boots.

These boots stand up to some serious tests and are what you need to be wearing in areas you know are full of snakes that you know you are inevitably going to frighten into biting you. As they provide you with this protection with a grace and style you wouldn’t expect from a pull-on, knee-high boot, are incredibly comfy, and can save your life again and again, they are far and away the best snake boots we have tested.

So if you are likely to be spending some time crossing paths with some slithery neighbours, these should be your snake boots of choice.


– Easy to slip on and off

– Come in half sizes and different widths

– Strong durable snake proof material


– Sole will wears quickly

– May need additional waterproofing

– Not for you if you don’t want a snug fit

#2 Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17″ Hunting Boot

If you the sort of person that loves specialist brands, then this boot from Irish setter will be right up your street as they have been at the top of the boot making game since the 1950s. This boot follows that trend and is packed with technology to make it lightweight, breathable and yet still impenetrable by snakes. It also prevents horrible odours building up and eliminates bacteria.

Despite their being lightweight, these boots are highly durable and have studs, grip points and rubber resistant to abrasion built-in to their soles. They’re also designed with a superb flexibility giving them an athletic feel so you won’t feel like you are lumbering along even if you find yourself running.

The best part about this shoe, other than the lightweight, waterproof and snake-proof protection, is the fact it is easy to slip on and off even though it is laced right up to the knee. So if you have a tough hunting trip planned, are going to be trekking off the beaten track, or live in a place where snakes are a big concern, these boots will provide you with all the protection you need.


– Lightweight & waterproof

– Knee-high (17 inches high)

– Easy to put on and off


– Big thorns can cut through these

– Can get very hot

– Quick wear on sole

#3 Lacrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boots

For the seriously adventurous among you who enjoy wading through areas of thick undergrowth then look no further than these quality 18-inch boots from Lacrosse. A trusted and well-loved brand Lacrosse have not sacrificed safety for style when it comes to these boots, as you can see they are very easy on the eye.

Constructed out of fabric, thick quality leather, and a rubber sole these boots will see you standing strong against any potential snakes that may cross your path. In addition to keeping you safe from a snake bite, they will also keep you dry as these boots are 100% waterproof – great if you will be wading through wetter ground. They are also fitted with Hyper-Dri lining so will keep your feet cool when the weather is warm.

The comfort features don’t stop there, the footbed has specialist cushioning so that these keep you snug and your feet happy and you can easily take them on and off thanks to the side zip. They are also fitted with odour prevention features so you don’t need to worry about a long hot day out in these boots, a feature that will keep you in the good books of your nearest and dearest.

So if you are looking for safety, comfort and style then look no further than these snake proof boots from Lacrosse.


– Quality boot with thick protection from snakes

– Waterproof

– Side-zip to make putting on and taking off easy


– Can get warm inside the shoe

– Soles may wear with intense hiking

– May need to re-seal waterproofing with time

#4 Chippewa Men’s 17-inch Waterproof Pull on 25110 Snake Boots

The ultimate lord of the manor look can be achieved with these undeniably stylish snake proof boots from Chippewa. These boots are in an easy pull-on style so no need to waste your time with multiple laces, instead you can adjust the fit with both the strap at the top and the bottom of your calf.

With an outer layer of thick leather and viper cloth fabric, your feet and calves will have full protection from any snakes lingering in your path. And with the Chip-A-Tex waterproof membrane in fact these boots will keep your feet nice and dry if you come across any soggy ground. These boots from Chippewa really are a great all rounder for whatever adventure you find yourself on.

Chippewa have a history of making super strong, long lasting boot so purchasing a pair of these you can be confident you are making a good investment.  With years of experience behind them, they have constructed a stylish, comfortable boot that will keep you safe from snakes – so you can enjoy the great outdoors without a worry or a care.


– Waterproof

– Great in tough terrain

– Easy pull on and off with adjustable straps


– Insulation means boot can get hot inside

– Not good if you have high arches

– Not made in the USA like other Chippewa boots


Our favourite snake proof boot has to be the Lacrosse Men’s Adder 18” Snake Boots. They are easy to pull on, offer great protection from snakes, have great breathability and have a range of size options so you can find the perfect fit for you. These super stylish boots are our top choice.

When it comes to protecting yourself from a potentially lethal snake bite you really need to make sure you get a quality snake boots. The boots reviewed here all meet that requirement – they are made with the highest quality materials and promise durability so that you will be wearing these boots for years to come.

They are also dual purpose, so as well as protecting you from snakes, they are all great boots for tackling the outdoors in general. You really won’t regret investing in a pair of these, as they ensure you can really embrace your adventurous side without putting yourself at risk.