The 4 Best Snake Tongs + Snake Hook Reviews 2022

The 4 Best Snake Tongs + Snake Hook Reviews 2022
If you live in a snake prone area there may be occasions that, for safety reasons, you wish to relocate a snake which has come onto your territory and you wish to remove it. When it comes to handling and catching snakes it is a good idea to invest in some equipment which will make this activity much easier, safer and productive. There are some well-designed products out there such as snake tongs, snake hooks and snake bags which enable you to safely and humanely move a snake. Here we take a look at some of the best of these products, as well as discussing how they are used.

How to safely move a snake

Coming across a venomous snake in your garden can be a scary and dangerous experience. This can be remedied through the use of some very simple equipment – usually through using a snake tong and snake hook in combination. Through the use of a snake tong you can secure the snake just above its head (not putting on too much pressure as this will distress the snake and make it more likely to strike at you) and then, using a snake hook, you can support the rest of the snakes body meaning you have a secure hold on the snake. You can then safely place the snake in a snake bag or bucket with a lid ready to relocate it.

Top 4 Best Snake Tongs + Snake Hook

#1 Editor’s Choice: IC ICLOVER Combo 47″ Snake Tong + 39.3″ Snake Hook

If you love a bargain, then you’ll be pleased to know that with this IC ICLOVER product you get two products for the price of one! This set includes a 47-inch snake tong and a 39.3-inch snake hook – the perfect combination for securing and moving snakes up to 50 centimetres in length. Both the hook and the tongs have ergonomic handles with a superb grip that ensures both you and the snake remain safe from harm’s way.

A great feature of this hook is that it is collapsible from 100cm down to just 28 cm, making it easy to transport. You should be aware that the heavier the snake your are seeking to move, the less you will likely be able to extend the hook, as fully extended it becomes a little bit more unstable under stress. The smooth hook does, however, mean that the snake can be safely moved without you causing it any injury.

As well as coming complete with a hook and a tong this set includes a useful repair kit to help the tongs last even longer. So if you are after a bargain and looking for a great starter kit to get you safely lifting snakes, be it pets or unwanted guests, this would be a great purchase for your needs.


– Includes hook and tong

– Collapsible and portable hook that does not harm snakes

– Repair kit included


– Does not include snake bag

– Not suitable for snakes over 50 cm long

– Hook becomes weaker when fully extended

#2 Anrain 47” Heavy Duty Snake Tongs(Best Value)

When it comes to catching snakes you really want to be putting some distance between yourself and the predator. This 47-inch snake grabber from Anrain will do just the job, providing enough distance to put you out of harm’s way but close enough to be able to sufficiently control the snake you are attempting to relocate.

Despite the low price of these snake tongs (under $30), they are substantially built. They are made out of Stainless Steel so really are built to last. The spring-loaded jaw of this pick-up tool is cleverly constructed for precise pressure so that you can get it right first time when you move in to grab the snake, it also has a rubber non-slip grip handle to aid ease of use. The jaw is also serrated which means that it is difficult for the snake to move once you have secured it.

You will also be pleased to hear that these snake tongs from Anrain are humanely made so will not harm the snake you wish to move. This is a great product to have to hand if you wish to remove harmful snakes without hurting them.


– Will not harm the snake

– Rubber non-slip handle for precision pick-up

– Comes with an extra cable and spring repair kit


– Heavy construction

– Does not have a smooth collapsible mechanism

– Does not include instructions on how to repair

#3 Best Professional Snake Tongs: Cheetong 60” (Includes Snake Bag)

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If you are looking for a snake tong that is used by the professionals then look no further than this aluminium alloy snake tong grabber from Cheetong. Here we have the crème de la crème of snake catching tools – in addition to being made out of aluminium alloy it is also coated with blue oxidation to make sure its attractive appearance lasts, and a comfortable stainless steel handle which is designed to ensure maximum grip. Plus, it comes with a snake bag and user manual included so you have everything you need to begin your snake catching quest.

The length of this snake tong, at 60 inches, is a great feature as it really puts a safe distance between you and a potentially poisonous snake. The long length does not inhibit its usability, however, as the lightweight, streamlined design means you have great control of these tongs and can easily secure the snake you wish to catch.

The wide spring-loaded jaw of this grabber makes for humane handling of the snake and will make sure that the stress caused to the snake is minimal. This is beneficial to both the snake and yourself as a less agitated snake means a less dangerous snake.

Another reassuring feature of this snake catcher is that it comes with a 3-year warranty and if you aren’t happy with the product you can return it within 30 days without even having to give a reason. Now that is customer service for you.


– Lightweight design makes for ease of use

– Constructed out of aluminium alloy so is highly durable

– Comes with a snake bag included


– Not collapsible

– Locking latch is difficult to use

– Jaws can be too sharp for some species of snake

#4 Best Snake Bagger: IC ICLOVER Snake Bag with Drawstring, 20” x 28”

A snake tong or snake hook is redundant if you don’t have something safe and strong to put your captured snake in. This is where the IC ICLOVER Snake Reptile Bag comes in – measuring 20 x 28 inches its size will allow for most species of snake to be carefully placed inside, and then secured with the drawstring.

This snake bagger is made of strong canvas material so that the snake is unable to bite through the fabric or escape. At the same time, it is also breathable and soft so that the snake will be comfortable whilst it is transferred to its new destination. This clever design ensures that both yourself and the snake are kept safe in transit.

Another clever design feature of this snake bag is the triangular sewn corners at the bottom of the bag so that when you go to tip the snake out, your fingers are protected from being bitten. It is also easy to carry thanks to the drawstring at the top of the bag. This product really is great value for money and is a necessary addition to your snake capturing tool-kit.


– Can accommodate most species of snake

– Made of strong canvas material so snakes can’t escape

– Clever construction ensures snake cannot bite you


– May not be suitable for larger snakes

– Snake tong and snake hook need to be bought separately

– Comes in one colour


Our top choice is the IC ICLOVER 47″ Snake Tong + 39.3″ Snake Hook – with this set you have almost everything you need to be equipped for transporting any unwanted snakes on your territory. We love their expert design which will ensure smooth snake removal for even the wriggliest of snakes. This set is really great value and we are sure you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

When it comes to snake removal you really can’t be too careful. This is why it is a good idea to invest in some top quality equipment to make this process straightforward. With a pair of snake tongs, a snake hook and a snake bag you have everything you need to safely move a venomous snake to a more appropriate location – keeping you and your family safe from harm.

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