4 Best Snake Trap Reviews 2022 – Do not catch a snake by hands

It is no joke if you find yourself bitten by a snake or facing that prospect when having to move one. Although most are non-venomous, it’s unlikely you would want to risk it if you were bitten and, ideally, you would be able to safely remove the snake from its unwanted location safely, without any teeth sinking into your skin. The best way to do this safely and without causing any harm to the snake is with an appropriate trap.

Here we take a look at some of the best snake traps that are available on the market which will not harm the snake and will enable you to keep yourself at a safe distance. So you won’t have to worry about nasty snake bites if you invest in one of these harmless, effective, and snake traps.

Top 4 Best SnakeTrap 2022

#1 Editor’s Choice: Frabill Minnow Trap 8″x8″x18″

This snake trap enables you to become a master of disguise thanks to its clever design – great for the amateur sleuth in you. Simply nestle this snake trap in the area you wish to catch the nuisance snake – you can cover it with leaves or foliage so that the unsuspecting snake will slide right in. The disguise is also helped by the black colour of this product meaning it is easy to camouflage.

Once the snake is in, you can then relocate it to your decided designation and release it thanks to the easy access door fitted on the snake trap. This is a great way to humanely capture venomous snakes and move them to a safer location, meaning your conscious will be clear.

In addition to being fit for purpose, this snake trap is also extremely robust being made out of heavy-duty vinyl dipped steel mesh. So you can be confident that you will be using this snake trap for years to come, or for as long as those snakes continue to frequent your garden. At under $25 this snake trap from Frabill is great value for money so snap up this bargain while you can.

Trap Type Reviews 2022ProsCons
Glue TrapsCheap and easy to useLikely still require you to buy snake tongs and snake hook
Non-toxic so safe for use around children and petsOnly suitable for smaller snakes
Typically come pre-baitedSnakes can sometimes escape
Lift-top Box TrapsMost snakes cannot escape form trapOnly suitable for smaller snakes
ReusableStrong adhesive smell of glue
Suitable for use in wet environmentsOne snake only can be caught per trap
Cage TrapsCan catch larger snakesStill need a snake tong and hook for release
Can catch more than one snake at a timeExpensive
Snakes cannot escapeBig

#2 Best Snake Trap Glue: Catchmaster 402 Snake Glue Traps (5 Pack)

If you are needing to just catch snakes that are of the smaller variety, such as grass snakes, then this simple glue trap from Catchmaster is a smart and very reasonably priced choice. It works very simply through the use of a plain board and a strong adhesive glue that covers the board, perfect for catching your target.

The strong adhesive is already set up on the trap so as soon as you receive these traps they are ready to get into action. They are able to catch multiple snakes at the same time which is handy if you are in an area where snakes are abundant. Another bonus is that these traps can be moulded to suit tight spaces so you can fold them to make sure they are put to optimum catching potential.

These heavy-duty traps are also non-toxic so you don’t need to worry about using these around your pets or children – so no need to worry about any unintentional consequences. They are also completely disposable once your bait is caught.

These traps are available in different sized bundles so whether you need 1 trap or 6, there are a multitude of options available for whatever your needs may be.

#3 Best Lift-Top Box Snake Trap: Cahaba Snake Trap

Cahaba make a whole range of snake traps, and this one is one of their best if you are hoping to trap a small snake in a sealed box, removing the need for snake tongs and a snake hook. Made to a commercial standard, this rigid plastic device is high quality, suitable for use in wet environments, is reusable (although you may need to purchase additional inserts), and suitable for use around children and pets.

Made by people experienced in pest control, this device was first used solely by professionals but has now been marketed for over 10-years. The free-standing design helps the device to blend into its environment, whilst the replaceable inserts where you apply the snake glue make it easy to use again and again. Unlike a simple glue trap though, this trap closes around the snake, making it easy to safely remove the snake from its unwanted location.

Even if you are not experienced in the art of trapping snakes you will be able to safely set this trap, just put in the insert and leave the trap to work its magic. So if you are after a snake trap that is easy to use, works come rain or shine, and is suitable for reuse, this will be a great choice of trap for smaller snakes.

#4 Best Snake Trap Humane: Catchmaster 60M Snake Glue Boards 60-Pack

Similar to the glue snake trap reviewed above this snake trap from Catchmaster uses glue board technology to secure any unsuspecting snake who is lured into its trap. With the glue already spread onto the trap you can place this snake trap in your desired location (either inside or outside) as soon as you receive it, and then wait patiently for your first victim.

Once it has entered the trap the snake won’t be able to move meaning it is safe for you to pick up the snake trap ready to relocate the snake. While the snake can’t move, it is completely unharmed during this process. When you have decided where you want to move the snake to, simply pour a few drops of vegetable oil onto the snake’s body and it will then be able to break free to explore its new home.

The good news is that this snake trap from Catchmaster can be used up to 4 times if you take care to rinse it after use so is a great value option as well as being humane. As it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals you can confidently leave this trap out even with children and pets around and you won’t ever lose it either thanks to its lovely bright yellow colour. It is also a durable option, being resistant to all weathers you can leave it outside without it being damaged – great to optimise its snake catching potential.

Snake Traps – What to look out for

Snake traps can be anything from a piece of paper with glue on, through to a lift-top box trap and even a special cage. You will need to consider an appropriate trap for an appropriate victim, so if you are after a venomous snake you might want to invest in something more intelligently designed whereas for a big but non-venomous snake you might opt just for a decent sized lift-top box trap. A simple and small grass-snake might just call for a paper and glue trap, so long as you are comfortable with a snake tong and hook.

Whatever you decide, it is important to ensure your snake trap is strong enough for its intended target – if your boa constrictor has got loose, paper and glue just isn’t going to cut it as a trap. The good thing is, traps are generally not too expensive so you will have plenty of options whether you take the glue, cage or complex machine route. Below we review the best traps from each option to make your life easy when you find yourself in need of a snake removal device.


While all of these snake traps are effective, our top pick of the lot is the Frabill Minnow Trap – this cage ticks all the boxes; it is humane, it can be cleverly disguised in a snakes favourite hunting ground, and it is very easy and safe to transport a snake once it is captured. It is also great value, durable and will last for a great number of snake catching operations.

Investing in a snake trap will really put your mind at ease as you can take control of the venomous snakes residing in your garden. Either through a glue trap, lift-top box or cage trap you can humanely and safely capture a snake and then release it somewhere where it will no longer be a danger. This will really help you sleep at night and allow you to enjoy your property without fear of a venomous snake attack.