Best Way To Catch A Rat(Review 2021) – 8 types best bait will make you catch a rat!

The mouse is hard to catch but the rat is more challenging. Rat even is the most intelligent species of rodents. They can learn to avoid traps or suspicious things in their way. If you are having trouble dealing with this type of rodent, don’t worry, there are millions of other households in the same your situation.

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To get rid of rat most effectively, you should have good strategy and enough knowledge. Please refer to the information we have given below for the most comprehensive view on the best way to catch a mouse.

How to identify what type of rat you have?

If you can identify the type of rats that are destroying your home, you can more easily deal with them. Rats are divided into different species according to their habitat and preferences.

The roof rats have habitats mainly on roofs, attics and trees. They are black or dark brown so they can easily hide. These rats often have large ears and very long tails, even longer than their bodies. Roof rats do not like eating high-fat bait, but prefer dried fruits, cereals and nuts.

Sewer rats often live in basements and humid areas below ground level such as sewers and ditches. These rats are usually brown with a shorter tail than roof rats. They can eat everything, from fish meat to vegetables and fruits. Similar to other mice, they are afraid of open spaces so you may come across rats moving along the walls.

Once you have determined the type of rat and its behavior, trapping becomes much easier. You just need to place the rat traps along the wall or walkway near them. You can also choose your preferred bait with no need to spend time experimenting. As such, even the smartest rats will be caught off guard with your strategy.

How do rats caught off guard with traps?

#1 Make the rat believe that the rat trap is safe:

To get rats off guard, you first need to get they accustomed to the trap. Rats are quite similar to mice, they will wander around your house to find food so they will be familiar with objects on their way. When new items appear, they will become alert and take the time to assess whether the object is dangerous to them or not.

So the secret to catching a smart rat is to make them feel your trap is safe. You can familiarize the rats with the traps by feeding them for free for the first few days before activating the trap.

When searching for food, the rat checks to see if the food is harmful to them. If not harmful, they will return and eat more, even informing the other rat.

In a herd of rat, the youngest will usually be chosen to check for new food. If there were no problems, the smarter old rat would eat.

This way, the rats will be caught off guard and assume that your trap is safe for them to feed. You can set more traps in your house without spending a lot of time testing rats.

#2 Eliminate food sources:

Rats are extremely intelligent animals so they are very wary of foreign objects that they are not sure about. If they already have a fixed source of food, it’s impossible to find other strange foods. So if you want them to fall bait in a rat trap, you should eliminate their permanent food source. As such they will have no choice but to choose food from the rat trap.

Carefully examine the cooking area or areas that the rat is showing signs of where their food source is. Rats can destroy containers or packaging to get food, check if they are safe or not. They can also get food in a pet food dish or in your trash. This way you can guarantee to eliminate the food supply for them.

What is the best bait to catch rats?

Bait is also important factor to get rid of rats. Choosing a good bait means half of your success. As mentioned above, rats have different bait preferences than mice. They like cereals, nuts and starchy foods like peanut butter, dried fruit. If you are planning on using cheese as a bait, then stop immediately because this is their unpopular dish. They are unimpressed with dairy products.

You should also take the time to check which kind of bait they prefer the most by feeding them for free for a few nights. This will allow them to eat prey without any precautions. Here are some of the best bait for rat traps you should consider.

– Meats such as bacon, seafood, chicken, sausages

– Chocolate

– Fresh and dried fruits like bananas, tomatoes, strawberries

– Cake

– Nuts

– Cereals

– Peanut butter

– Rat baits

Note that the bait should be changed regularly to remove traces of previous rats that were exposed. Replacing new bait also increases the effectiveness of the rat trap, which is important in the early days of trapping.

TypeElectric Mouse TrapLive Catch TrapSnap trapGlue trapMouse Posion
ProsFast death from high voltage, no blood and mess, catches dozens of mice per battery chargeHumaneEasy to useCheapKill a large number of rodents correctly without having to spend time choosing bait
ConsCan not use outdoors without any waterproof accessoriesMust take the trap away to release the mouseDoesn't killMouse will squeak and die painfullyNot humane, dangerous for pets and children
Use forMouse, RatAll kind of rodentsMouseMouseAll kind of rodents

Top 5 Best Rat Trap 2021

#1 Electronic Humane Rodent Zapper – Effective Mouse Trap Killer for Rats

The Humane Rodent Zapper of Abco Tech is one of the best humane mouse trap according to our assessment. This is a smart trap that can easily remove rat, rat or even chipmunk. With this humanitarian trap, you absolutely do not have to see bloody scenes when cleaning up the trap.

This device comes with an extremely sensitive wireless circuit sensor, just a small movement of the rat cannot escape the device. In less than a second, this device creates a 7000 volt electric cloud and takes down the mice instantly.

This device consists of 4 alkaline batteries and operates continuously for 30 uses. It can kill rats without causing any odor or blood. You can make it easier to take the rat out of the trap without having to waste effort like other traps.

More specifically, this product also has a smart indicator light. The red light when the previous installation is killed and the green light when it completely dies. So you can easily observe the state of the trap without getting closer. This is one of the features that very few devices have.

This product has the plus point of not using any toxins that are harmful to the environment as well as limiting gore status. However, it does not have protection for the safety of children and pets, so you should put them very carefully, avoiding the contact of children.

#2 Pest Control Rat Traps, Professional Multi Captsure Set of 6 Large Snap Trap

Kate Sense mouse trap is a product that can catch mice from small to large easily. You don’t need to use poisons and chemicals or electricity to kill rats. All you need is protein bait like peanut butter, cheese or bacon.

A special feature of this product is that they are easy to clean. The bait cup is removable so you can wash it after each trap to avoid causing germs.

Compared to wood traps, this is 10 times more effective, they are hygienic and trouble free. It is also made of stainless steel so it is very durable, can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Traps have a very sensitive trigger mechanism, which ensures to keep the prey tightly when approaching. With this trap you can be assured of its efficiency, its rat-killing ability is much higher than glue board and wood snap trap.

In addition, the trap set consists of 6 so you can place it along the way into the rats’ nest or in the corners of your house. So you can save a good amount of money while the rat killing performance is increased.

However, many customers complained that some traps in the set of 6 began to malfunction after cleaning. They no longer act as sharp as before but instead have a slow reaction, letting the prey escape when resisting.

#3 VENSMILE Humane Smart Mouse Trap No Kill Live Catch with Air Holes

For those who want to search for a humanitarian trap without killing the rat it catches, don’t ignore the smart rat trap of Vensmile.

This trap is a rectangular container, allowing the mice to enter the trap but not giving them the chance to escape. You don’t need any toxic substances to lure rats to the trap, but just need common primers like peanut butter or cheese to attract them.

Traps are made of clear plastic so you can easily observe the situation inside and can be easily adjusted as needed. So you can quickly move the rat to another location to throw away and still be able to observe the animal inside.

This trap can be used both indoors and outdoors so all rodents that appear in your home area can be caught in a short time.

The important thing is that, with plastic material, you can clean it easily after each use, remove odor and signs leftover after mousetrap. Cleanliness is essential because when a trap remains the smell of another rat will prevent a rat from entering the trap.

However, the disadvantage of this product is that the plastic wire in the trap can easily be destroyed by large rodents, so you should drop the rats to another location as soon as possible if you do not want to invest a new trap.

#4 Mice Cube 12 Pack – Reusable Humane Mouse Traps

You are looking for a humane mousetrap, do not cause painful death for rats and do not create scary bloody scenes, then prioritize the mouse trap of Mice Cube.

This is a product that helps you eliminate rodents in your home that create confusion and trouble. You also do not need to see the sight of the dead rat miserably before your eyes. All you need to do is put the bait, wait and then take the rat to throw away another position.

This trap does not use any toxins or chemicals that are dangerous to children and domestic pets.

The mechanism of operation of the trap is very simple, when the mouse enters the trap, it will be struck by a powerful electric current in a split second. This device also has a signal light, in which the red light tells you that the rat has been trapped. What you do then is open the trap door and throw away the rat without touching.

This product is more humane than the traditional snap trap and glue trap, which causes the mice to suffer long periods of pain before dying. This is a humane and clean way when the mice are defeated by a deadly shock quickly.

However, this product is a small size, so larger sized mice may not be able to trap. So you should observe which rats are raging at your home, they are big or small to make the most suitable choice.

#5 The Mouse Hotel Humane Smart Live Capture No Kill Mouse Trap (Transparent Green)

You are looking for a humane mouse trap with a beautiful appearance, don’t worry this is the product for you. The Mouse Hotel Humane trap is not only cute but also helps you summarize the rodents that appear around your home area.

With this trap, you absolutely do not need to use unwanted poisons, metals and scissors. You can completely clean them easily to reuse trapping many other mice for a long time.

Like other humanitarian mouse traps, this trap does not harm the rat locked in it. If you don’t intend to kill those rats but just want to take it out of your house and take it to another location that doesn’t harm anyone, take note of this product.

With looks like a luxury hotel, rats will feel extremely grateful when they are locked in before moving to a new land. Instead of gore and death, why not let the rats enjoy a peaceful time in a beautiful hotel.

All you do is put the bait in the trap then wait for the “guest” to enter the hotel. However, this “hotel” only contains one “guest”. Therefore, you should regularly check the traps to maximize the performance of the mouse trap.


Currently there are many different types of mouse traps on the market, but it can be said that humane rat traps are the trend and the most popular choice of many households. It not only helps you chase the rats out of the house but also does the job without harming anyone.