What Is The Best Way To Keep Snakes Away From Your House?

Snake is a smart and scary reptile. They can easily enter a person\’s living space and attack pets, and even humans. Some are harmless, but some carry venom that can be deadly.

Most people are not brave enough to face that scary reptile. Killing snakes is not something anyone can do, and it is not a permanent measure to eliminate them.

Perhaps you will find ways to find out what will keep snakes away from house when you see signs of a snake. “How do I keep snakes away from my house?” maybe the first thought that comes to your mind before that sudden intrusion.

If so, there is no reason that you ignore this article. We will help you find the best thing to keep snakes away.

Besides the best way to keep snakes away, this article will come with some other useful information.

What Attracts Snakes To Your House?

You may wonder why snakes come to your home instead of elsewhere? Or why the neighbors never have a snake? The appearance of snakes in your yard is entirely because it is attracted to something.

Snakes are very intelligent reptiles. They will find areas where food and water are available for survival. And snakes are also very fond of cool climates and abundant water.

That\’s why you can find the appearance of snakes mainly in bushes, garages or rubble. They will appear in many places that can provide an ideal habitat for them.

The regular watering or continuous sprinklers in the garden will also make your garden more attractive. Snakes love wet environments so there is no reason why they rejected this attractive invitation.

Abundant food sources of pets or pets in the yard is also an extremely attractive factor for snakes. It is not surprising that hungry snakes will find a way to fill their bellies with these fascinating foods.

Even pets such as chickens, ducks, etc will become the meals of aggressive snakes. The goal becomes more attractive when it\’s the offspring.

If your living space has one of these factors, then there\’s no need to find out more. Even just one of them is enough to attract snakes to your home. And what you need to do now is figure out what keeps snakes away from homes or what keeps snakes away from yards.

How Can You Keep Snakes Away From Your House?

Whether or not snakes are poisonous will also affect your life. Find out how to keep snakes away from garden will make your life and pets more peaceful.

There are many ways to find out how to keep garter snakes away from house, but you can start from the simplest ones. These methods do not require much preparation or additional investment.

#1 Eliminate food supplies

Food supply is the number one factor you should consider. Snakes often come to people\’s houses to find food, and pet or pet food outdoors is an attractive invitation.

So the answer to the question how do you keep snakes away from your house is to eliminate the snake food supply.

Once the food supply is removed, snakes will not be able to find food to sustain life. And this is also the great barrier preventing its appearance in the first place.

Instead of placing pet and pet food bowls outdoors, place it inside the cage. Can lock the door when the sun goes down. Or you can move the pet food bowl into the house.

You should also clean up the spilled food to eliminate it completely.

#2 Eliminate hiding places

The next factor that you should consider is eliminating refuge. That is one of what drives snakes away. Once there is no more ideal hiding place, snakes will no longer have any reason to come to your home.

Pull out weeds and bushes in your yard. Besides, you also need to remove the existing debris or debris. Snakes like to live in such areas, so you need to remove them immediately.

You should also tidy up the garage and warehouse neatly. Eliminate unused items to avoid making the snake an ideal shelter. Remember that they like cool, low-light, and humid areas.

#3 Sealing the entrance of the snake

Sealing the snake\’s entrance is something to keep snakes away. Snakes often enter your home through certain terrains, and you can definitely find them.

Once the snake is blocked from the head, it will have no other choice but to find another shelter.

What you need to do is find the terrain where snakes can enter your home, then seal it. Seal openings and cracks around walls of your home.

Vents, water pipes, holes and cracks are the prime locations of snakes. You need to block these locations to prevent snake intrusion.

You should also pay attention to the gaps on the plant wall. This is a position we usually don\’t notice but is the easiest way to get into a snake.

What Will Keep Snakes Away From Your Home?

If you have taken measures to prevent the snake\’s intrusion but they still appear in your living area, then perhaps you need a little upgrade.

These steps are like the beginning of a long fight between you and the reptile. It is time to prepare some strong measures to eliminate their existence.

#1 Natural snake repellents

Natural plants can also repel snakes when they come to your home. This is considered a cost-effective method, safe for the environment and pets. This method is also considered as a folk remedy passed down through the generations.

Will garlic keep snakes away? Have. Garlic can repel snakes when it is combined with chili or pepper. You can squeeze the garlic juice, then mix it with chopped chili or pepper and a little vinegar / water. Add this to a spray bottle around your home and garden.

Does salt keep snakes away? Absolutely a no. Snakes are not slimy animals, so they are not afraid of salt. Instead, you can use other natural substances.

For example, oil. What essential oils keep snakes away? Cinnamon oil and clove oil are the two most common oils used to chase snakes. Cedar oil is also a good choice.

To apply these oils to repelling and threatening snakes, you just need to add a little water and a spray bottle.

Add a few drops of essential oil to the prepared spray bottle, then add water. The ratio will depend on you, try it a few times until you feel it works best.

You can also use predator urine, such as weasels or foxes, to threaten the appearance of snakes.

These animals often take their urine to mark the territory. Therefore, you can use this urine to simulate their territory in your home area. The snake will give up once it smells its opponent stronger than him.

#2 Chemical snake repellents

The chemical snake repellents có một tác dụng vượt trội hơn và hiệu quả cao hơn so với natural snake repellents. Bạn cũng có thể tìm kiếm những chất hóa học này một cách dễ dàng để xua đuổi rắn.


Can mothballs keep snakes away? Mothballs are the oldest and most commonly used chemical. It is a chemical that not only repels snakes but also other insects in any area.

Maybe the day you watched your parents use mothballs in a closet to get rid of cockroaches. And today it is still a great chemical.

You can place mothballs in areas where snakes appear, or you can place around gardens or terraces. Snakes cannot tolerate unpleasant odors from mothballs, so they won\’t dare come to your house.

However you should put mothballs out of the reach of children. You also don\’t want your pet to eat mothballs. Mothballs can be poisonous and very dangerous once humans or pets eat them. So make sure you keep them the safest.


Will sulfur keep snakes away? Yes, it will. Sulfur is another chemical that repels snakes when it snakes around your home.

Sulfur does not repel a snake by its odor, it will irritate the snake\’s skin once it snakes through. The snake will then experience an unpleasant experience and certainly will not want to repeat it again.

Place sulfur (preferably powder) around the fence, in front of the holes or in any location that is likely a snake shelter. Snakes will crawl through sulfur and they will get excited right away.

However, they will become agitated once their skin is irritated. That is why some people may attack humans or other pets with more aggression than ever.

You should also be careful to avoid exposing children or pets to this chemical.

#3 Commercial snake repellents

Instead of less effective natural snake repellents, dangerous chemical snake repellents, you can use commercial products. These products are both effective and not as dangerous as chemicals.

These products also do not cause any clutter and still ensure their outstanding performance.

However, they are not a budget option. But they do not exceed your affordability.

You can easily find these products on e-commerce sites or pet stores.

List Of The Best Snake Repellents Review 2021

#1 Supply Guru 15 oz Old Fashioned Original Moth Balls

You can use these mothballs to repel snakes in your home area. This product comes with a pack of 425 Grams of about 120 balls. Therefore, you can use it in a large area.

This product is affordable. However, you should keep in mind that it is out of reach of children and pets. Or you could put these mothballs in a tight-fitting mesh bag.

#2 2lb Sulfur Powder fine

This fine Fine Sulfur Powder comes with a 2lb zip bag, which you can use to reserve the entrance of the snake. You can also strip this sulfur powder along the fence.

This product has a smooth texture, 99.9% pure so it does a great job of stimulating snakeskin. The snake will feel uncomfortable once exposed to this product.

And you should never forget to ensure the safety of children and pets. Never expose children or pets to sulfur powder.

#3 Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent Granules

This product from Ortho is able to prevent the snake from entering your home. It can also be used outdoors to prevent snake infiltration through garden vegetation.

This product has no odor and its composition includes essential oils such as cinnamon oil, castor oil, clove oil, geraniol and peppermint oil.

It can also withstand extreme weather conditions and rains and does not break the structure or reduce its efficiency.

This product is safe for children and all animals. It has an affordable price that you can afford.

#4 Havahart 6400 Snake Shield Snake Repellent

It is also a safe product for children, pets and other plants. It has the ability to repel snakes with natural and safe ingredients like sulfur, cedar oil, cinnamon oil and clove oil.

This product has a natural formula that you can use directly on areas around your home and garden. It is best to sprinkle it in a strip about 8 inches. This is the amount recommended by the manufacturer.

It is manufactured for you to use immediately.

#5 Dr. T\’s 4-Pound Nature Products Snake Repelling Granules

This is a product that can disrupt snakes ’sensory reception, preventing snakes from daring to reach your home.

The product comes with a 4 lb pack that can last for about 3 months. Manufacturers recommend this product in strips of 5-8 inches size. You only need to apply the product to the areas where you want to repel the appearance of snakes.

It works immediately and the snakes will be chased away by the strong smells of 7% naphthalene and 28% sulfur. The snake will also irritate the skin once it crawls through the mixture.

However, this product smells unpleasant to humans and it can be washed away after the rain.

#6 Livin’ Well Solar Mole Repellent Yard Stakes

Put these repellent stakes in your yard and it will help you chase snakes within 7,000 square foot range. This device works by solar energy and does not affect human life or harm pets.

It has the ability to repel snakes like rodents harmful by sound and vibration up to 400 hertz. You also do not need much installation to boot it. All you need to do is bury these piles into the ground.


Snakes are harmless only when they contain no venom and do not attack humans or pets. Therefore, the methods to repel snakes are always a good way to protect you and your family from disturbing reptiles.

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